Your weekly horoscope

Your week in the stars

By Alison Moroney

ARIES Mar 21 - Apr 20

Love is in the air between October 14 and November 7, whether smiling on an existing relationship or bringing a new one to eligible Arians. This trend also assists in smoothing out difficulties in all relationships and paving the way to better relationships. Partnerships bring good financial conditions. Best dates are: November 2-4

TAURUS Apr 21 – May 21

You will be happy with the general tone of things at work in the three weeks from October 14, with Taurus investing more of themselves into the creation of this scenario. Taurean individuals will also be interested in the benefits of healthier living, doing things to improve their well-being. Highlights occur on October 27-29, November 2-5.

GEMINI May 22 – June 22  

There are a few problems that need resolutions, with these situations involving a child or loved one between October 14 and November 7. There’s plenty of room for improvement, with best potential for achievement occurring on November 2-4 Your efforts are not without reward, for great happiness and love also feature in relationships.

CANCER Jun 23 – Jul 23 

You’ll be throwing open your doors to friends and family between October 14 to November 7.  A wonderful atmosphere fills the home during this time, enabling you to enjoy superb moments on November 2-4. Your orientation during this time is on property, family, and diet. However, problems may arise on October 27-29, November 3-5.

LEO Jul 24 - Aug 23

Leo will be extremely happy with the general conditions of life in the three weeks from October 14. Improved communications with neighbours and friends will make life more pleasant, bringing delightful events and news your way on November 2-4. Your sense of direction is strong, allowing you to plan well. Mixed days occur on November 3, 4.

VIRGO Aug 24 - Sep 23

Your income levels will be more than satisfactory between October 14 and November 7, enabling you to boost your financial resources and indulge in special purchases. Virgo will feel as if luck is on their side, especially on November 2-4 However, don’t push matters on October 27-29, November 3-5 when negative potential exists.

LIBRA Sep 24 - Oct 23  

An inner sense of peace reigns between October 14 and November 7, as Libra is more attuned to the ebb and flow of universal energies.  Your sensitive disposition enables you to balance various factors in your life, particularly on November 2-4.  This can be a very insightful period, sometimes bringing problematic issues to the surface.

SCORPIO Oct 24 - Nov 22 

Generally, the three weeks from October 14 is an excellent time to explore problematic areas of a personal relationship, for it is easier to resolve issues. There is much to be gained from a positive approach to various situations. November 2-4 highlight the positive potential of this period, whilst October 27-29 and November 3-5 the negative.

SAGITTARIUS Nov 23 - Dec 21 

Your social life produces far more enjoyment than usual between October 14 and November 7, with some of these events revolving around work-related functions. There will also be success involving a workplace matter as well as the potential for landing a great job, especially on November 2-4. However, November 3, 4 bring mixed events, but these are capable of being successfully managed.


There is likely to be outstanding success for a child or recognition of your creative endeavours during the coming three weeks, making it a great time to impress others. This is quite a fortunate time for many other things, including luck and love. Dates of importance include November 2-4 Beware October 27-29, November 3-5.


The three weeks from October 14 is excellent for contacting relatives at a distance, travelling, legalities, studying and advertising, bringing happy holidays and good grades. Happiness from these interests and activities will strongly flavour your perspective of life then, most notably on November 2-4. However, November 3, 4 can be a mixed bag of tricks.


The days between October 14 and November 7 will see you focused on the intricacies of a financial matter. Your optimism over a favourable outcome is well-justified, although you will need to balance things and plan well. November 2-4 accentuate the best potentials of this trend, whilst October 27-29, November 3-5 presents obstacles.

About Alison

With more than thirty years of experience in astrology, Alison is a published author, professional astrologer, freelance journalist, archaeologist, and archaeoastronomer. 

Her syndicated astrological columns and feature articles have regularly reached more than 1,000,000 people across Australia and New Zealand during this time, primarily through the Rural Press group (Fairfax Media), including such newspapers as The Canberra Times, Newcastle Star, Launceston Examiner, Tamworth’s Northern Daily Leader, Ballarat Courier, Armidale Express, Orange’s Central Western Daily, and the Blue Mountain Gazette.  Alison also had regular radio segments that ran for more than three years during the early 2000s: ABC Wide Bay’s Crystal Ball Talkback and 4TAB’s weekly Tips from the Stars.  Her star columns also previously featured on SBS’s 24/7 website in association with the TV series of the same name, as well as on several international websites.

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