PATS scheme receives another big boost from both major parties 

The Patient Assistance Transport Scheme is set for a big boost regardless of which major party wins the March state election.

In an early win for regional South Australians both the state Liberal and state Labor parties have announced the same funding increase to the outdated scheme.

After initially announcing a $1 million increase to the PATS scheme state Liberal leader Steven Marshall committed an extra $1.5 million per year to match to offer made by the Labor Party.

Both major parties have been quick to claim credit for the $2.5 million increase in funding.

Health Minister Jack Snelling said the Liberal Party had just copied the Labor Party.

“Steven Marshall seems so bereft of ideas he has now promised to copy and paste the Government’s increase to the PATS scheme,” Mr Snelling said. 

“Less than a fortnight ago he promised a vague $1 million but made no mention whatsoever of who was going to benefit and how he was going to make it happen. 

“After the Government came out with a fully costed and substantial plan for PATS the best that the Opposition can do is copy it.”

Mr Marshall said the government’s policy was in reaction to the initial announcement made by the Liberal Party.

Both Mr Marshall and Mr Snelling credited their country members and candidates for being strong voices pushing for the increase to PATS funding.

Both the current member for Giles Lyn Breuer and Liberal candidate for Giles Bernadette Abraham were  mentioned as catalysts for the decision.

BOOST: PATS scheme has received another big boost from both major parties.

BOOST: PATS scheme has received another big boost from both major parties.