Still no Labor candidate for Stuart

With under a month until the state election the Labor Party still hasn't named a candidate for the seat of Stuart.

With  writs to be issued on Saturday, the state ALP could be left without a candidate as the official election process begins.

A spokesperson from the party said a state executive meeting would be held on Friday afternoon to decide a candidate

The party was contacted at 4pm on Friday and no candidate had been announced at that time.

WAITING: The Labor Party is still yet to name a candidate for the seat of Stuart heading into the March 15 state election.

WAITING: The Labor Party is still yet to name a candidate for the seat of Stuart heading into the March 15 state election.

South Australia’s Electoral Commissioner Kay Mousley said the issuing of the writ was the first in a number of key dates leading to election day. 

It was also traditionally the day that election posters began to appear. 

“Under changes introduced to the Electoral Act 1985, a number of important events are now locked into place,” she said. 

“Once the writ has been issued, the next major step in the process will be the close of the electoral roll at 12 noon, Friday February 21."

Local member for Stuart Dan van Holst Pellekaan said he was surprised to still have no opponent for the March 15 election.

“I am very surprised and a bit disappointed that Jay Weatherill has not announced a candidate for Stuart because it shows that he just isn’t interested in our electorate,” he said.

“I’ve worked exceptionally hard for the last four years to be the best possible representative for Port Augusta and the rest of our electorate and I’ll just keep doing that right through the election and for as long as people would like to have me in the job.”

Enrolling is compulsory and all Australian citizens aged 18 years or over on election day and who have lived at an address for at least a month must now enrol.

Enrolment forms are available at all post offices or by downloading a form from the Electoral Commission website ( 

Ms Mousley said candidate nominations would close at 12 noon, Monday, February 24. 

“Anyone wishing to nominate should make sure their nominations are received well ahead of the cut-off, so that they can be processed and approved in time,” she said. 

“Candidates need to comply with a number of new requirements, with more information available on the ECSA website.”

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