Family First candidate joins the fight

A WELL-known local identity has taken up the fight for the Family First Party.

William (Bill) Pomery, a former Naracoorte Corporation mayor, will stand against the incumbent Liberal member Mitch Williams and Greens candidate Donella Peters in next month's State election.

Mr Pomery served for a total of 14 years on the council, starting in 1973 and finishing in the early '90s (encompassing both the Naracoorte Corporation and the amalgamated Naracoorte Lucindale Council).

William (Bill) Pomery is standing as candidate for the Family First Party in the upcoming State Election.

William (Bill) Pomery is standing as candidate for the Family First Party in the upcoming State Election.

"I was contacted by Dennis Hood and Andrew Evans and they asked if I would run," Mr Pomery told the Herald. "I gave it a lot of thought and consideration."

Mr Pomery, a member of the party almost since its inception, said he was asked as he was a recognised figure in the community.

He holds strong views about family, euthanasia, same-sex marriage, foreign ownership, the decriminalisation of prostitution and abortion as well as many other issues.

He threw his support behind calls for a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing for gas.

"While I'm not an environmental expert in that sense I do believe in supporting standing against this exploration," Mr Pomery said.

The healthcare system is another interest for the new candidate.

"Funds are poured into sport yet in many areas the health system is in need," he said.

"I've seen a real lack of concern (from the government)."

The closure of the car manufacturing industry is another issue close to Mr Pomery's heart - he is worried about the impact closing the factories will have on Australia.

But the biggest problem he sees is alcohol.

"I believe it is one of the biggest problems in society," he said.

"I'd like to see the sale of alcohol reduced to 10pm."

Mr Pomery's age is an understandable source of questions, with many saying he is too old, but the 89-year-old has dismissed those calls.

"You're never too old," he said. "I still have a very clear mind and I thank God for that."

He pointed out that Winston Churchill was still in government until he was 87 and a Japanese president was until the age of 90.

"People place too much emphasis on age," Mr Pomery said. "Life is the greatest teacher.

"I've had a long and very full life."

That life has been lived almost exclusively in the local district, with four years spent in the air force and some time spent working in the entertainment industry in Adelaide.

Over the years Mr Pomery has spent six decades volunteering for Meals on Wheels, has served not only on council but also the SE Local Government Association, and was chair of the P and A Society for many years - presiding over a number of Naracoorte Shows.

He had a message for those who would vote for him:

"I would appreciate their vote," he said. "I believe I could embrace what is required to be a politician due to past experience and much studying of the political situation."

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