War veterans put their names forward

A new political alliance with a military background has toured through Port Augusta to get a feel for local issues.

Your Voice Matters, led by Vietnam veteran Bill Denny AM, are an independent group who wish to keep the major parties focussed on what really matters.

Mr Denny was in Port Augusta last week meeting with local people at the RSL.

“All we are is basically veterans who have watched political system for the last few years and thought it’s just not right,” he said.

“There appears to be too much self interest, factional interest and party interest and when all of that’s done what’s left for the average South Aussie?”

Ian Smith and Rob Atkinson are the other two members of Your Voice Matters and Mr Denny said their military service put them in good stead to become politicians.

“There is a strong ethic of service in the military, the idea of putting others before self,” he said.

“All we are doing is taking that ethic of service and taking it to the civilian community.

“Some of our great leaders have been servicemen.”

Mr Denny said through his campaigning he had discovered several local issues he felt needed addressing.

“One of the things I would really like to see up here is being able to retain your young here in Port Augusta,” he said.

“I think that can be done by things like bonded scholarships and grants, where you get your education at  reduced price but have to come back and do two years in the country.”

Some of the other issues that struck a cord with Mr Denny were regional access to health services, foreign investment, Aboriginal incarceration and road infrastructure.

Mr Denny finished by saying he was running for the upper house so that he could hold the government to account.

CAMPAIGN: Your Voice Matters' Bill Denny AM met with locals at the Port Augusta RSL last week.

CAMPAIGN: Your Voice Matters' Bill Denny AM met with locals at the Port Augusta RSL last week.

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