State election candidates for Giles

The biggest issue facing Roxby Downs is the uncertainty surrounding the timing and configuration of the Olympic Dam expansion and the large job losses as a result of cutting costs to boost productivity. 

The number of jobs lost as a proportion of the overall workforce at Olympic Dam and Roxby Downs is very high. 

The job losses have had a series of negative cascading effects on the community. 

The increase in employment of 428 jobs between the 2006 and 2011 Census has been wiped out and the real job losses are close to double that number.

Job losses of that scale as a proportion of overall employment would trigger structural assistant packages in other communities but given the unique characteristics of Roxby Downs in the South Australian context the traditional approach would, in all likelihood, not work. 

Some form of transitional assistance could be looked at to provide a buffer until a decision is made about the timing and nature of the expansion. 

Any assistance would have to be carefully worked out in a collaborative approach with the Roxby Downs community.

On the positive side Olympic Dam will provide jobs and prosperity for many years to come but the community, small businesses and especially those people that have lost their jobs are going through a very difficult period. 

We need leadership on the Olympic Dam expansion with real action and results, not more talk. 

We are committed to growing our regional areas and increasing productivity. 

This is why we recently announced that, if elected, we will increase the Regional Development Fund from $1.6 million per year to $15 million per year to better support our regions and drive productivity to grow South Australia's economy. 

Keeping down the cost of living is the number one issue raised with me time and time again. 

Families in Roxby Downs simply want the every day basics like groceries, energy and transport to be fair and affordable. 

Labor's economic mismanagement has continued to hurt the hip pocket of families for over a decade. 

The city-centric Weatherill Labor government have no interest in lowering the cost of living in regional areas, and are more focussed on maintaining their city electorates. 

The Liberal Party is committed to lowering the cost of living, bringing energy prices back under control and managing our state's finances responsibly for people in the city and the regions.

Cheryl has lived in Whyalla for 40 years and is married with two adult children, one of whom lives in Whyalla.  

Her husband Peter works at Onesteel.  

She is running for Family First as the party for the people, for families, and for the regional areas.

Without doubt the biggest issue for Roxby Downs is whether the Olympic Dam expansion proceeds.  

The economic conditions in Australia, and South Australia, have not been right for this - with Federal Labor giving us a carbon tax and mining tax, and state Labor creating economic conditions that are terrible for business with high payroll tax as a tax on jobs.  

Not enough has also been done to plan strategically for the fly-in fly-out workforce and the potential for people to live at Roxby Downs and work at an expanded mine.  

Family First wants the next state government to work earnestly with the federal government - even if they are not the same political colour - to get the conditions right to get the expansion to proceed as soon as possible for the state's sake.

After almost ten years working across outback Australia, Alison has the passion and experience to represent the voters of Giles. 

Her work with remote Indigenous communities, the mining industry and with pastoralists means she understands the complex issues facing remote regions.

With the Greens, Alison will work for improved communications, better roads and more jobs. 

Alison is determined to improve the living conditions of Indigenous Australians through access to education, health services and employment.

As a land manager Alison understands the threats facing the unique biodiversity and inland waters in arid environments. 

If managed well, mining presents an opportunity to tackle some of the poverty and welfare dependency in the region. 

Alison believes that only the Greens can offer the big picture thinking that is needed to unlock the true potential in the states north west to help find a better way forward.

The Roxby Downs Sun did not receive a response from Ms Sentance before our deadline.

Eddie Hughes election candidate for Labor Party.

Eddie Hughes election candidate for Labor Party.

Bernadette Abraham election candidate for the Liberal Party.

Bernadette Abraham election candidate for the Liberal Party.

Cheryl Kaminski election candidate for Family First.

Cheryl Kaminski election candidate for Family First.

Alison Sentance election candidate for Greens.

Alison Sentance election candidate for Greens.