Five candidates ready to fight for Frome

As the battle at the ballot box draws nearer for the electors of Frome, Fairfax Media is using this opportunity to present voters a final wrap-up of the candidates and what they stand for.

Running for the seat of Frome are Rob Scott (Greens), left, Marcus Connelly (Labor), Wendy Joyce (Family First), Kendall Jackson (Liberal) and Geoff Brock (Independent).

Running for the seat of Frome are Rob Scott (Greens), left, Marcus Connelly (Labor), Wendy Joyce (Family First), Kendall Jackson (Liberal) and Geoff Brock (Independent).

Five candidates are vying for your support – they want to represent you in parliament.

Frome has had its fair share of visits from high-profile politicians including the Premier and Opposition Leader.

In order as they appear on the ballot, the candidates for Frome are Rob Scott (Greens), Wendy Joyce (Family First), Marcus Connelly (Labor), Kendall Jackson (Liberal) and Geoff Brock (Independent).

Mr Brock has held the seat of Frome since the by-election in 2009 caused by the retirement of former premier Rob Kerin.

An independent, Mr Brock campaigned heavily on not having an affiliation with either major party and not being “constrained” by party politics.

Mr Brock used a newsletter mail-out to remind voters what he had achieved over five years for the electorate.

Of his achievements, Mr Brock’s involvement in the Nyrstar transformation rated highly in public forums.

Hoping to snatch the seat out of Mr Brock’s hands is the Liberal candidate Kendall Jackson.

Mrs Jackson’s campaign theme has centred on a key phrase, "if you want to change the government, you must vote Liberal."

Her campaign has been supported by visits from senior Liberals including leader Steven Marshall, deputy leader Vickie Chapman, and shadow ministers David Ridgway, Stephen Wade and Rob Lucas.

Mrs Jackson needs to achieve a swing of 6.7 per cent to unseat Mr Brock.

Labor candidate Marcus Connelly, whose name was infamously forgotten by Premier Jay Weatherill, ran his campaign on Labor’s record of infrastructure spending to bolster his party’s credentials in the electorate.

Wandearah businesswoman Wendy Joyce’s campaign kicked off just before the election-proper with a visit from veteran parliamentarian Robert Brokenshire. Her party’s Christian credentials have been on display during the campaign, and Mrs Joyce has focussed heavily on what the party intends to achieve in Frome if elected.

Key policy issues Mrs Joyce has campaigned on have been maintaining rural speed limits at 110 kilometres per hour, and improving infrastructure and services in the electorate.

Rounding off the candidates in Frome is the Greens’ Rob Scott – an Adelaide-based lecturer, teacher, writer, and musician.

Fairfax Media has attempted to contact Mr Scott on several occasions throughout the election campaign, but no response has been received. 

In an email from the Greens’ candidate manager Fiona Blinco, Mr Scott is campaigning for “addressing pollution in Port Pirie, developing new, sustainable industries and protecting the environment”.

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