Soulmatis a fresh new face

MACKILLOP'S election ballot this year features one of the oldest candidates across the State - and it also features one of the youngest.

Terry Soulmatis is Labor's candidate for the seat - and at 22 years old is 67 years younger than Family First candidate Bill Pomery.

"That is a point of difference (for me)," he told the Herald. "It's good for young people to be active and involved in politics."

Terry Soulmatis is the Labor candidate for MacKillop in Saturday's State election.

Terry Soulmatis is the Labor candidate for MacKillop in Saturday's State election.

Mr Soulmatis has been a member of the Labor party since he was 14 and has worked in a number of election offices, before now taking on the role of candidate.

Although he is not based in the elctorate he committed to changing that should he be elected.

"I'm from Adelaide," Mr Soulmatis said. "If I am elected I'll certainly move to the electorate."

He has been travelling around the electorate, speaking to people and finding out about the issues faced.

"Jobs is a big issue," he said. "And growing industry."

He said the current Labor Government has done a good job in that regard, with 110,000 more jobs created.

He criticised the Liberal "hands off" policy in regards to industry - using the demise of Holden in Australia as an example.

With gas mining in the electorate a hot topic, Mr Soulmatis said he wouldn't support a complete moratorium on the issue.

"I won't support fracking where there is a risk of contamination - that's my position," he said.

"I'm not in support of a full moratorium."

He said the groundwater is precious in the SE, but it is a balancing act with growing industry.

The candidate admitted MacKillop is a safe Liberal seat but he wants to change that.

"With MacKillop, the sitting member (Mitch Williams) has been there a very long time," Mr Soulmatis said.

"I do think the comunity feel let down...the reality is the marginal seats do get a lot of focus.

"We do need a contest."

He asked voters for their support, pointing to the need for change in MacKillop - saying the electorate needed an energetic member like him to be their voice in Parliament.

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