Thanks for the response, but...

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: I WOULD like to thank the Member for MacKillop Mitch Williams for his letter to the Herald on his and his party's stand to the issue of fracking.

I am sure the voters of our electorate will be a little more informed now as to what course of action an elected State Liberal government are proposing to do to safeguard the integrity of our water resources and agricultural industry, as well as the health and well-being of all its constituents.

However, the timeframe that Mitch has stated does not alleviate the concerns that the long term deprivation that this mining practice is going to have on the environment.

A two-year moratorium and then a parliamentary inquiry does not in any way provide us opponents of fracking, that the government of the day will not be pressured and seduced by the almighty dollars offered to them from multinational mining corporations.

Once the water table is contaminated it may take decades, or perhaps a millennium for it to recover as to be healthy for human consumption as well as fit for agriculture.

One has only to look at the effects years of contamination from our paper mills has had on Lake Bonney and the 30-odd years that it has needed to show signs of regaining some semblance of recovery.

Once again, thanks Mitch for you prompt response and please keep us informed of decisions your party may take on fracking so the public may have an opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue. 

Member for Mackillop Mitch Williams.

Member for Mackillop Mitch Williams.

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