Victor Harbor SeaQueens 2015 drag show delights the town | PHOTOS

Killer heels, dazzling frocks and a lot of packing and strapping whipped the Victor Harbor Town Hall into a frenzy at the SeaQueens 2015 drag show.

The show featured about a dozen drag queens who strutted the stage with their fierce moves and attitude.

Emcee Rita Demore’e opened the show with a stunning rendition of Kylie Minogue’s Aphrodite, before explaining the night’s proceedings.

A mix of lip-synched and live performances, collaborations and solo performances enthralled the audience from the stage and throughout the venue during the show.

Audience participation was high: Two men became backup dancers for Rita during her impromptu singing performance; ‘sugar daddies’ proved they still had it in a best-looking man competition; and a dozen audience members popped balloons on a drag queen to claim a prize.

Glitter cannons went off with an almighty bang during the closing number Firework by Katy Perry – performed by the whole cast.

If the foot-stomping by the crowd at the end of the night was anything to go by, the show was a resounding success.