Jamie Briggs backed Tony Abbott in Liberal leadership spill

Member for Mayo Jamie Briggs appears to be the walking wounded after the Liberal leadership coup on Monday, September 14.

Mr Briggs said he tore a ligament in his knee while running, however media publications, including The Australian, reported he sustained the injury when falling off a table top he was dancing on with Joe Hockey on Monday night.

Mr Briggs was photographed being pushed in a wheelchair by colleague Andrew Southcott the following day.

He has since returned to South Australia for treatment, while a cloud also hangs over his political career and whether he will remain as Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development under Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

On ABC radio on Wednesday morning, Mr Briggs said he voted for Tony Abbott.

"I took the view on Monday night that while I recognise the reasons people were making the decision to change their vote, Tony Abbott had been very loyal to me, he'd given me an opportunity," he said.

"He's a good person, he has very good values, he's got a lot of character, and I took the view that you shouldn't just abandon people because of self-interest. And in that sense I told both Malcolm and Tony what I intended to do, and in the end that a party room made a different decision.

"I took the view that I needed to stick by someone who'd given me opportunities and who I thought deserved continued support."

Mr Briggs said he'll be loyal to Mr Turnbull as leader and will serve him in whatever capacity the Prime Minister wants him to.

Responding to questions about his knee injury Mr Briggs said on radio "I was running and I changed direction quickly, and in doing that I heard a very loud pop, and quite a deal of pain, and it seems that I've done some damage to the ACL, and I'm in doubt for the finals, there's no question about that."

Twitter was alive on Tuesday with questions to Mr Briggs about his injury.

Late on Tuesday morning, The Herald Sun federal politics editor Rob Harris tweeted "Gossip is that Joe Hockey and Jamie Briggs where (sic) dancing on a marble table in the cabinet suite last night when Briggs fell off."

Mr Briggs denied the allegation and said Mr Harris was wrong. Other journalists also got on the bandwagon.

The Herald Sun chief of staff Liam Houlihan tweeted to Mr Briggs "doing the running man on marble table with Hockey?"

Mr Briggs replied "I can't dance. At all. I leave that to my ballerinas at home."

The Times sent questions to Mr Briggs' office in a bid to clarify the circumstances surrounding the injury, but did not receive a response.

Mr Briggs told The Times it is "an incredible honour" to work for the people of Mayo as the local federal member.

He said his number one focus is to keep delivering infrastructure for the local community, for example the Fleurieu Regional Aquatic Centre, more than $4 million to fix ten dangerous black spots across the electorate, and the Bald Hills Road Interchange at Mount Barker.

"I intend to again be the Liberal candidate in Mayo at the next election because more needs to be done to ensure we keep creating more jobs and opportunity for our region."

Mr Briggs became the member for Mayo in a by-election in September 2008, replacing Alexander Downer, who announced his resignation in July that year.

Mr Briggs had been an advisor to John Howard.