Children learn for Planet Ark's National Recycling Week

REGION - Some of the Fleurieu's youngest have been spreading the recycling message as National Recycling Week draws near.

Victor Harbor Community Kindergarten children spend a lot of their time sorting out their rubbish, looking after their worm farm, and making compost with scraps they have after eating the broad beans they grow.

Early childhood worker Gaynor Russell said the kids knew the importance of recycling and were keen to do so.

"I think if we teach them young, it goes with them."

She said when they went home after a day at kindy, some of the kids even told their parents about what they were doing wrong when it came to sustainability.

"It's trying to show the children that the environment is their home and we need to keep it clean and tidy.

"We talk about green lunchboxes and the children having no wrapping in the lunchboxes, so we don't have rubbish to make extra waste.

"We've gone for walks on the beach with Coastwatch to pick up rubbish - they know the only thing they should leave behind is a their footprints."

Planet Ark's National Recycling Week will run from November 9 to 15 this year, bringing a national focus to recycling and minimising waste.

Head of campaigns Brad Gray said throwing items into landfill posed environmental risks and wasted resources, but things had begun to change since the week was founded in 1996.

"Since then, recycling items like paper, printer cartridges, steel cans, beverage containers and hard plastics has become part of our everyday lives," he said.

"But the growing range of packaging we can recycle, as well as some common errors in household recycling, mean that more education is necessary to maximise resources and keep valuable materials out of landfill.

"Recycling recovers a resource, as making products from recycled materials uses less energy than producing products from scratch."


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