The Times sports photographer Jesse Ehlers snaps the Fleurieu Peninsula from above

REGION – An interest in aerial photography has given The Times’ sport photographer Jesse Ehlers the opportunity to explore the Fleurieu from above.

Jesse’s Instagram page South Coast Aerial Images has garnered a strong following, as he documents the Fleurieu from his drone.

Jesse said his favourite image is one of local bodyboard surfer Marshall Watson at Knights Beach, although shooting surfing with a drone is limited by battery life.

“Even though I’ve lived here on the south coast for that long, getting to see it from a new angle is pretty awesome,” Jesse said.

“It makes you appreciate it, you kind of take it for granted seeing the same angles and landscape photos. Looking from above gives it a totally new dimension.

“Especially with surf, from the beach you start to get the same old shots time and time again, so its good to see a different angle that you haven’t seen before.”

Jesse enjoys shooting landscapes, from Normanville to Petrel Cove, Port Elliot and the Murray Mouth.

“Surf is tricky because it’s far and few between good waves. You can hover out there and not even a good wave will come though.”

He has had to content with birds and even bees trying to attack his drone – a DJI Phantom 3.

“At Cummings Monument (Eyre Peninsula), I had a couple of Osprey trying to nail the drone,” Jesse said. “I’ve had a fair few birds try and knock it out of the sky and even had a swarm of bees try and take it down, because it sounds like a swarm of bees.”

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