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The City of Victor Harbor has so many key issues on its agenda, but it is heartening when elected members can get behind something that is so integral to its community.

The move to consider re-establishing the Boating Facilities Advisory Committee is a step in the right direction, because boating defines what Victor Harbor is. It is a premier coastal city, all you have to do is just read the signs as you come into Victor Harbor, as it is what the city brags about.

So it is common sense for a committee to be established which primary focus is to be an avenue for residents to share ideas or raise concerns about boating facilities in the council area and for users of the facilities to share more about their needs, how they use these facilities and where there may be gaps in infrastructure. 

There was widespread disappointment in the community, in particular the boating community, when the current crop of elected members decided in its term infancy to slash Section 41 committees from 13 to six.

All the elected members were voted in on the premise that they would represent the people of the community of Victor Harbor and would listen to them and give them a voice.

Then in almost its first piece of business they take away that voice by getting rid of committees made up by the community.

This included a boating committee and a horse tram committee. Now the boating committee is to considered for re-establishment and the horse tram committee was re-established in late 2016.

It must remembered the Section 41 committees were only advisory boards, which made recommendations to the full council and it was then left to elected members if those recommendations would be implemented.

Seemed like a sensible process and it beggars belief how a councillor cannot support such a process.

The likes of David Hall, Tim Telfer and the late Mike Westley have been beating their heads on a concrete ramp for many years for better conditions for boaties and in the case of Mike Westley he fought for an eastern boat ramp to complement the Bluff Boat Ramp and to aid a quicker and more efficient sea rescue response.

Maybe now, Mike may get his wish for better boating conditions if council follows through with re-establishing the Boating Facilities Advisory Committee. There would be a smile in heaven.


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