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The Times, Victor Harbor, put out a call to all primary schools in the region to ask their reception students the answer to: “I love my mum because...”

ON THE second Sunday in May small children across the nation will be burning toast and smearing Vegemite on the bed sheets.

Making breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day is one of the classic ways for the little ones to share the love. But what about the rest of us?

What does a grown up do to show mum they care? We’ve come up with four ways to make mum feel very special this Mother’s Day.

1. Do the housework

Drop mum off at a local cafe, roll up your sleeves and don a pair of rubber gloves. It’s time to get busy. Dust all the high spots, move heavy furniture and vacuum for royalty. There are a myriad jobs around the home that most mums would be happy to hand over. Take down pictures hanging on the wall and wipe them over, get behind the washing machine and make the laundry sparkle. Mow the lawn, weed if you have to and scrub the tiles in the bathroom. If you have siblings rope them in to help and give mum a home to love again. If you don’t have time or you’d rather spend the day with mum then hire a professional cleaner to give mum’s place a once over.

2. Pamper her at home

Your mum might not ever use the voucher you buy her from the local beauty parlour but she won’t be able to resist a total bliss out in the comfort of her own home. Think like a professional and bring along some fluffy white towels, natural wax candles (with essential oils) and some home made treatments. There are plenty of recipes online for home made mud masks, hair oil treatments and natural moisturisers. Don’t forget the cucumber for a simple eye mask and infuse some water with lemon and mint for a refreshing drink for mum to sip on. For a special touch dim the lights and play some relaxing background music for a total spa experience.

3. Write a letter

Time to find a pen that works and hand write a heartfelt letter to mum. You could tell her how grateful you are to have her in the your life and even list some of her qualities you really appreciate. You may even share some special memories. Use beautiful stationery and even a wax seal and then post it in the mail to mum.

4. Pack a picnic

Find a traditional wicker picnic basket and pack real crockery and cutlery for a luxurious lunch in the park or by the river. Take a chair for mum, a flask of tea and some delicious home made goodies to tempt her taste buds. Resist the urge to make food too rich for mum, if she has simple tastes then honour that and pack her favourite snacks. 5. Make a movie Install a simple app onto your laptop that will help you edit video and interview members of your family. Get them to share happy memories of mum and create a finished product that is truly personal and unique.