First whale of 2017 sighted on south coast | PHOTOS

The south coast’s first whale for 2017 has been spotted.

A southern right whale was spotted and photographed at Knights Beach, Port Elliot, just before 10am on Monday, May 22.

It was also seen just earlier at Horseshoe Bay.

From the photographs taken by David and Elizabeth Miller, the SA Whale Centre confirmed it was a southern right whale.

Later in the day, about noon, there was another confirmed sighting of a southern right Whale between West Island and The Bluff at Encounter Bay.

Whale spotter Elizabeth Steele-Collins then photographed a southern right whale just after noon from Waitpinga Cliffs.

For a video of the whale visit The Times’ Facebook page.

SA Whale Centre co-ordinator Amelia Graham said the sighting was right on time for the start of the southern Fleurieu whale season.

“Please keep a look out, and let us know if you spot this or any whales out there today,” Amelia said.

The whale season on the southern Fleurieu (Victor Harbor, Port Elliot, Encounter Bay, etc) occurs during autumn, winter and into spring.

Other recorded SA sightings in 2017:

SEAL BAY, K.I. - MAY 13: At 4.30pm two southern right whales were spotted with a small pod of dolphins. Blowing, tail slapping and travelling.

KNGSCOTE K.I. MAY 13: At 4.45pm the whales were spotted at least 500m off shore.

FOWLERS BAY, HEAD OF BIGHT, MAY 3: At 11am two southern right whales were spotted 50 metres from shore.