Chris Selwood from Clayton Bay receives Order of Australia

Chris Selwood.

Chris Selwood.

CLAYTON BAY – Chris Selwood of Clayton Bay has been awarded the Order of Australia for his significant service to science and technology, particularly through the development and promotion of solar vehicles.

Chris said he was humbled to receive the honour.

“I am an old hippy and have a strong environmental motivation. I am also an electrical engineer by training and all this has come about through my work running the solarcar race from Darwin to Adelaide and in more recent years, the International Solarcar Federation,” Chris said. 

“Over the years I have encouraged other countries to develop solarcar events and have been lucky enough to have visited them in the US, Chile, Europe, South Africa, Egypt and Japan and invited to speak at conferences around the world.”

Chris moved to Clayton Bay five years ago and the 68-year-old said his property is a conservation park. “It is four kilometres between the front gate to the back gate and we get more visitors here than when we lived in the city,” Chris said.

“Decarbonising personal mobility is an important environmental goal and it is gratifying that this message is so well accepted by the young.  Another important message is that students no longer reside in silos and that, for example, mechanical engineers need an understanding of computing and robotics, electrical engineers need an understanding of materials and structures, and that art, design, science and engineering come together for the greater good.

“Let us recognise the importance of developing intellectual capacity as essential to coping with changing climate, trends in social development and the welfare of mankind.”  


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