With the 2017 hay season expected early, ND & JA Giles at Strathalbyn are here to get you ready

A dry start to winter has seen growers predict the hay season will be earlier than usual across the region this year, especially if no rain is seen in the next few weeks.

As a result it is vital to ensure your machinery is up to scratch for when the time comes to put it to use. Adding to the importance is the fact that machinery trouble is much more common in years where yields are lower than usual, as farmers place extra stress on their equipment to get as much out of them as possible.

Nathan Duffield, service and sales manager for ND & JA Giles at Strathalbyn can recommend that a good maintenance plan is vital in achieving maximum yields.

“In an average year we generally see more breakdowns and repairs than we would in a year where we have heavy yields,” Mr Duffield said.

“That’s because when yields look like they will be down, the demand on the machines increase. When they have to chase the product a bit harder it can put a lot more strain on the equipment.”

It is important to pay special attention to the care of tractors, hay rakes, small squares, big squares and round balers at this time of year. Limited rainfall means it is likely the hay season will begin earlier this year.

“If we don’t see much rain over the next week or two that could push the season up a bit,” Mr Duffield said.

It looks like silage could begin anywhere from mid to late august for some growers in the region. And we’re probably looking at mid-September for the hay season to get going as opposed to October when it usually starts.”

If you are looking to get ready for the season there are few better options than ND & JA Giles. The family owned and operated business, which has been servicing the area for over 40 years, is a one stop shop for new and used equipment and maintenance.

With a team of 12 in the service department, ND & JA Giles have all the resources to get you up and running when you need it most. As any grower knows, downtime in this business means lost dollars. Call Nigel or Nathan on 8536 3455 or drop into the corner of Milnes and Dunreath Rd, Strathalbyn.