Are you overwhelmed by the assault of daily options? | GUEST COLUMN


Spoiled for choice.

Is that a positive claim, or are you, like me, overwhelmed by the assault of daily options?

The supermarket makes umpteen selections available, obscuring the few healthy ones. Which book will I take from the unread bedside stash, which old favourites will I revisit?

What’s the next travel destination?

Something from the bucket list, returning to already loved places or visiting faraway friends.

When I determine to declutter, can I let go of everything that is not useful or beautiful.

Must I cling to what’s neither but, overlain with memories, just takes up space? How many bowls and mugs do I need?

Invitations from friends proliferate amid family and community events, and films, concerts and plays multiply our choices.

With “been busy” a common catch cry and excuse, we become victims of overload if we refuse to make choices and selections.

Social media gives us too many glimpses into others’ lives, the media at large bombards us with information but we do have the ability to turn off the switch.

While the world has sadness and tragedy on the screen and at home, what we can do is control our attitudes to such events.

Hamlet overthought to be or not, and Anthony was destroyed by being torn between love and duty, Egypt and Rome.

Yet, as Harry Potter was advised, “Choices…show what we truly are”.

Without filtering options we become overwhelmed by both life’s riches and its mundanity.

“We are our choices,” said Satre and while that applies to picking careers or partners, big decisions reflect our smaller everyday ones.

Surprisingly, limiting options doesn’t take away life’s joys.

When we claim time to sit and appreciate the moment, yesterday’s choices might reward today with space to enjoy the present. And in 300 words, what more can I say?

Lorraine McLoughlin is an author with community ties to the Fleurieu Coast.