Strathalbyn defeats Willunga in football

ELUSIVE: Willunga goal kicking star Marcus Burdett shows his class as he whisks the ball away from the desperate Josh Lawson and Joe Slattery from Strathalbyn.
ELUSIVE: Willunga goal kicking star Marcus Burdett shows his class as he whisks the ball away from the desperate Josh Lawson and Joe Slattery from Strathalbyn.

Strathalbyn got the jump on the Demons at Willunga on Saturday.

The Roosters started with the advantage of a slightly cross field wind and startled the Demons by managing a point in the first 15 seconds with a brutal and intense attack forward. Then after a wayward return to play the ball ended in the hands of Simounds and the first goal was posted before the first minute of the game had elapsed.

From there it became a bit of a tussle, but Strath were the strongest side. It was clear already that the Roosters were focussed on a couple of Willunga players and they took it to them. Willunga drove forward several times, but their opposition were not allowing them any headway.

Roosters centre half back Pegler was sticking with Willunga’s Thomas like a magnet and Hickey was doing t5he same to Standfield and at the end of the first quarter the Roosters were 13 points up.

After seeing the length of some of the kicks in the second term it was conceivable that the Demons could settle and equalise and that’s basically what they did. Their defence was tight and the forwards did their job and tried to get free.

Burdett rallied his team mates. But it was still very tough out there for everybody. Demons’ Tregenza and Beath were instrumental in making play that ended in two major scores. Strathalbyn were under a lot of pressure and only managed six points from their drives forward and at the end of the term the score margin was back to six points.

At the start of the third term it was clear that Simounds had warmed up and was all over the forward zone with seemingly no opponent. James was all over the ground and running loose as well in ruck.

The Demons checking was not very tight and the Roosters were able to set up lots of opportunities through Elliott, who had started quietly and Slattery and George. Simounds piled on the goals with lots of help from Tucker, Lawson, Munn, McDonald, Caesarowicz, Walkom and Turner.

The Roosters won the premiership quarter easily and opened the gap up to 26 points for the biggest margin of the game.

Strath needed to keep control of the game, but Willunga had a slight advantage from the weather. The Demons sent Standfield back to try to curtail Simounds, but it was a bit late. He and McDonald had their confidence up and with Tucker, Slattery and George winning the hard ball, the Roosters were not letting the game slip.

However, Willunga rose and Jolly and Sherry were desperate to reduce the margin. The Roosters could smell the win and got tougher. Slattery and Lawson moved the ball forward for the visitors.

The quarter gave the Demons some hope, as they plugged away at the margin, but there was always a Strath break to reset the score gap. Both teams scored the same in the final term to give Strath a much-deserved win by 26 points.

Strathalbyn were hard and tough and defeated the top team on their own turf. Willunga let their opponent loose in the third term, which cost them the game and Simounds with seven goals was the most dominant player on the ground.. 


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