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With the price of power continuing to rise and water being a precious commodity, using a pump these days can be quite expensive. 

As technology continues to improve so do the pumps we have available to us; variable drive technology is becoming cheaper. 

More and more manufactures are coming on board with pumps that are more efficient and cheaper to run than ever before. In the domestic range of pumps, using a variable drive system can be up to 30 per cent more efficient than a standard pump. One variable drive pump can cover up to three different size standard pumps in one unit.

What is variable drive? 

A standard pump, when you turn on a tap, runs at maximum speed to be able to produce pressure. If you turn on one tap your standard pump will pump maximum pressure while also consuming maximum power at the same time.

Meanwhile, a variable drive pump manages the pressure and flow of the pump at a set pressure.This means that if you turn on one tap the pump will only run at the set pressure, by varying the speed of the motor. As you turn on more taps the pump will increase its speed to hold that set pressure. 

This means it’s the closest thing to mains pressure. Once you get beyond the capabilities of the pump then the pressure will drop off.

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What about small farms?

Hobby farms are not left out, with applications available to suit everyone. Using a bore-water system as an example, if you put a variable drive pump down the bore-hole you will be able to wash the car or water the garden and lawns more efficiently than before.  

If you’re looking at a larger scale of irrigation or wash down then there is still a great selection of variable drive pumps on the market. From bore pumps on small farms, to golf course’s, vineyard supply and dairy wash down there are multiple applications possible. The pumps can be as simple or as complex as you need them.

Countless applications

Imagine using one pump to wash down your cups and using up to 30 per cent less power every day, but then also being able to use the same pump set and wash down everything in the shed.

Put a pump set into a golf course and, by using the touch pad computer screen included in a model like the Davey Monsoon IQ, you could not only save money on power bills but also be able to see if you have leaks anywhere in the system, all from your phone or computer in the office.

There are many more options and ideas to consider when selecting a new pump. Daish Irrigation and Fodder have a great range of manufacturers to choose from, so they are able to accommodate almost all people and business out there. 

Drop into one of the two stores at Strathalbyn and Murray Bride and have a chat to the friendly staff. The team are also able to conduct a site visit if needed, just book a time.