This local Victor Harbor waterfall is rated in the top three in South Australia | COLUMN

It's been rated as one of SA's top three waterfalls - and now is absolutely, positively the best time of year to go out and have a look at it in all its thundering splendour.

It's Hindmarsh Falls, just 13 kilometres from Victor Harbor, and with the copious rain we've been enjoying these last few days, the falls are roaring with aquatic energy.

Just getting to the falls is a joy in itself.

The bucolic countryside along Hindmarsh Tiers Road is luscious and verdant in early spring. You arrive at the car park off a well-marked road, then descend along a concrete pathway.

Just before you reach the main observation point, enjoy views of the upper falls and the water working its way past mossy boulders before the big drop.

Years ago you could scramble past the observation spot down to the pool below, but for safety that rough, steep track is now closed. Most visitors won't mind the restriction one bit. Four points to keep in mind. If you are photographing the falls with a proper SLR camera instead of a phone or a point-and-shoot: The most dramatic and colour-saturated photos are taken on overcast days instead of bright sunshine, which will create glare. Members of South Coast Camera Club gathered here recently and several of the resulting pictures were stunners.

Consider bringing a tripod and setting your camera's exposure very small (like f24) and a slow shutter speed (like one second) to get that lovely creamy effect in the falling water. And after you've shot the full falls, use a zoom and look for areas of detail, like water hitting one rock. Also seek out a natural element much closer to your lens and focus on that, leaving the falls mysteriously out of focus in the distance.

Happy experimenting!

Local travel writer and photographer Steve Robertson explores locations in the region where you can walk, photograph and learn.