A bark of Border Collies | GALLERY

Sunday’s world record attempt for the most Border Collies in one photo may have taken the (liver) biscuit.

The official count is in, confirming the Border Collie Owners of SA successfully mustered 576 black, brown, white, blue and merle canines to Willaston Oval.

The previous record was set in 2013 by celebrity vet Katrina Warren, who managed to call 503 fluffy four-legged friends to heel.

“I’ve always had a dream to have Border Collies in one area, as many as you can get, so when we got this many, I thought why don’t we try for the record, which is held by Katrina Warren for 503 dogs in NSW,” Ms McGrath said.

Following several practice runs in recent months, today’s event saw Border Collies from across SA and Australia flock to Willaston.

Following the official photo, gates opened at 12pm to the general public – and other four-legged friends.

All funds raised will be shared between Guardian Angel Animal Rescue, SA Dog Rescue and Scruffer Lovers.

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