Mount Compass Area School students achieve top Royal Adelaide Show results

MOUNT COMPASS – At Mount Compass Area School, students are basking in their success at the Royal Adelaide Show’s animal sections.

All show animals are linked to a unit specific to each year level: year sevens have poultry, year eights have goats, year nines are dairy heifers, and years 10 to 12 are steers. They work on animals during lessons and lunchtimes, providing hands-on learning.

Agriculture teacher Kiara Edwards said there are many highlights working with the enthusiastic students.

“Seeing the kids with their animals in the ring for competition and seeing their pride and joy in all their hard work finally paying off is always special,” she said.

“A personal one for me was showing Rod Gregurke’s steer for the last time this year. Rod passed away a few weeks out from the show and has supported our school for over 10 years – allowing the students to see the importance of the occasion, that was very close to my heart.”

This year’s results were strong, as was the mateship within each show team. The best results included being named champion in the categories of plate of eggs, school egg exhibitor, and export carcass overall. They also received a number of bests and podium places.

“We work as a team here and a lot of the kids put in a lot of hard work and challenge themselves daily in overcoming problems with the training plans,” she said.

Results, photos at 

Poultry Club (with thanks to Ian Mudge and Russell Wotton)

Champion Plate of Eggs

Champion School Egg Exhibitor

1st place school eggs

Best Dozen eggs for a school

3rd place school eggs for a school

2nd place cockerel for a school

2nd prize, heavy breeds school hen

3rd prize, heavy breeds school hen

Dairy Heifers (with thanks to Peter and Wendy Ness, Matt Campbell, Ash Pacitti)

2nd place heifer born from 1st of January 2017

3rd place heifer born from 1st Janurary 2017

3rd place heifer, yearling

Goats (with thanks to Prostock Livestock and Vince Nizzola)

3rd Place Chevon

4th place Chevon

5th Place Chevon

Seb Johnston chosen for handlers competition

Steers (with thanks to Fleurieu Stockfeeds, Prostock Livestock, Kay Arnold, Anthony Green, Rog Gregurke, Judith McCallum, Annie Boon, and Lisa Hosking)

1st place schools heavy domestic 510kgs to 530kgs on hoof- Southcote Jackpot Johnny

5th place schools heavy export 535-560kgs on hoof- Tarlina Spook

1st place schools export 560-595 kgs in hoof- Mount Compass Area School own bred steer

4th place schools export 510kg to 530 kgs- Paltarra Spud

On Hook

Champion Export Carcass Overall- Southcote Jackpot Johnny

Best presented Black Angus- Mount Compass Area School Turbo

Highest scoring shorthorn steer on hoof and hook

Highest scoring Shorthorn steer on the hoof and hook

Peter Lintern memorial Trophy for highest scoring school steer on hoof and hook

Highest scoring shorthorn carcass.

We had 55 students attend the show throughout the time we were there.