Three candidates for Alexandrina Council's Angas Bremer Ward

A former electorate officer, a retired businessman and a TAFE SA lecturer are all in the running to represent the Angas Bremer Ward of the Alexandrina Council in the supplementary election next week.

A vacancy arose after Councillor Katherine Stanley-Murray resigned in July, sparking the urgent election.

Ms Stanley-Murray walked away from council following a dispute over her appointment as deputy mayor for a second year.

Next Monday, Strathalbyn residents Matthew Shilling and Michael Farrier and Milang resident Jude Aquilina will go head-to-head to represent their district.

Mr Shilling enters the running with a background in government and a vision to improve infrastructure and roads across the Angas Bremer Ward.

The former electorate officer for Federal Member for Boothby Andrew Southcott now resides on a property just outside of Strathalbyn and said, if elected, he would fight for better roads in the area.

“I live on a dirt road that is not graded enough and I know a lot of people have the same problem so I want to fix that,” he said.

He said reducing council debt was another focus of his.

“The debt really shouldn’t be as huge as it is and I think it can be reduced without reducing current services,” he said.

Michael Farrier decided to run after decades of living at Strathalbyn and watching council debt continue to rise.

After retiring, Mr Farrier said he found himself often critcising the council, and decided it was time he did something about it.

“The reality is, if you want to make a difference, you need to do it from the inside,” he said.

He said he hoped to encourage council to live within its means.

“We can’t keep spending the way we are and expecting ratepayers to keep picking up the cost,” he said.

He said council had an obligation to make sure every township got a “fair shake” of council’s finances.

“Milang feels disenfranchised and like the poor cousins who have been left behind… we need an environment that is fair to all,” he said.

After making the move to Milang three years ago, Jude Aquilina fell in love with the township’s sense of community and now she hopes to give it a voice.

As a poet, a lecturer and a passionate advocate for the arts, Jude felt becoming involved with council would help her provide much-needed services for the Angas Bremer region.

“We need more facilities and services across the region so we can allow places like the Langhorne Creek wine region to grow and to support the arts community in Milang,” she said.