We’re still leading the way at P&T Recycling


For many in South Australia, recycling is more than just a passing thought, it’s a lifestyle.

This has certainly been the case for the Martin family, who are this year celebrating the 20th birthday of P&T Recycling at Seaford.

There are few more knowledgeable or passionate about recycling in SA as owner Philip Martin, who says he could not be more proud of the steps this state has taken to reducing and reusing waste.

“So this is also the 40th year of deposits for bottles and cans in SA, and for pretty much all of us it’s just become a part of the lifestyle,” Philip said.

“We lead the nation and its only now that the rest of the country is catching up.”

Philip started P&T Recycling with wife Tina in 1994 at McLaren Vale, as a side business on the weekends. What started as a way to earn some extra income soon developed into a passion for the whole Martin family.

“At the time Tina was working as a nurse and I as a sales rep. Tina would work Fridays and I would work weekends in between our full time jobs.”

“When we started trading seven days a week, our eldest son Jonathan joined us at age 15. We opened up in Seaford the week before Christmas in 1997 and our second son, Garth started working here.”

“Following the sale of our McLaren Vale business both sons now work full time here at Seaford.”

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Philip said that over the years the business has grown, as more and more materials could be recycled.

“That’s probably what a lot of people don’t realise, just how much actually can be recycled nowadays. We can definitely still educate people that now it is a larger service than it has been before, and that it’s continually evolving.”

P&T Recycling at Seaford is a purpose built facility, specific to the needs of the local community and the general public.

The scrap yard has a 12m weighbridge capable of handling large quantities of scrap metal, and they are able to recycle:

  • 10c deposit containers 
  • Glass containers
  • Cardboard and paper
  • Non-ferrous metals (aluminium, brass, copper wire, insulated cable)
  • Car batteries 
  • Car bodies
  • Electric motors,
  • Gas bottles
  • Hot water services
  • Radiators
  • White goods and e-waste

Philip said the local community have been fantastic, and that they’d really embraced recycling.

P&T Recycling often host tours for local schools, to educate and promote recycling, and the MFS practice rescue situations on scrapped car bodies. The team also provide a pick-up recycling service for local business.

“I’d personally, on behalf of everyone here, just like to thank all of the locals around the Seaford area for their commitment to recycling, as well as all of the Mclaren Vale and Willunga restaurants and wineries that have supported us so strongly over the years.

“That’s the beauty of SA, it’s something that your grandparents probably started doing and then your parents did it and now you do it.”