Be prepared for fire season on the Fleurieu

This summer SA Country Fire Service (CFS) is asking you to be bushfire ready.

Bushfires can start without warning and quickly become life-threatening to everything in their path.

Even if a fire is several kilometres away, depending on the weather conditions and vegetation it can travel quickly.

Air can become thick with smoke, making it difficult to breathe or see the way out of your street, not to mention the panic and chaos that can ensue when other people may be trying to leave.

This is the reality of bushfire and the reason why the best way to survive a bushfire is to have a written plan and have prepared your property.

Complacency kills.

One of the easiest steps to being bushfire ready is to fill out the CFS five minute Bushfire Plan.

This enables you to get a basic plan together that can be saved to your phone and shared with friends and family.

Throughout the fire danger season, it’s important to stay informed of weather conditions, the fire danger rating in your district and when fires begin.

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The Alert SA website ( and app are helpful tools to help you stay informed.

Here are some other simple steps that will help you to have a safer summer:

  1. Talk today with family and neighbours about your bushfire plan and what you’ll do.
  2. Make a plan – Understand your local environment and your options should a bushfire occur.
  3. Understand daily fire danger ratings – These are the triggers for what action you need to take on fire danger days.
  4. Know when to stay and defend and when to leave.
  5. On total fire ban days visit the CFS website regularly for information, listen to local radio and keep an eye out for signs of smoke in the hills.
  6. Download the Alert SA App for fire, hazard warnings and information.
  7. Your five minute Bushfire Plan should include those who rely on you to keep them safe, including the vulnerable and any pets and livestock.
  8. Know your risk – Find out where bushfire safe places are. Visit the CFS website for details.
  9. Even if it isn’t a total fire ban day think of the surrounding conditions and use common sense when using machinery, having a barbecue or undertaking any other activity that could cause a fire.
  10. Report suspicious, deliberate, reckless or negligent acts that may cause a bushfire. To make a report call the police on 131 444

For further information about preparing your home for summer and staying bushfire safe go to

Three steps to a safer summer:

  • Understand your risk - Find out your fire ban district and know the day’s fire danger rating.
  • Clear your property – Create a defendable space.
  • Make a plan for your family and pets.

Facts of fire:

  • Radiant heat can burn bare skin from 100m.
  • A bushfire can travel over 25km/h.
  • High temperatures and winds are the perfect conditions for bushfires, no fires are allowed in the open.
  • Protect your homes from burning embers.
  • Burning embers can travel many kilometres ahead of the fire.
  • Bushfire sparks and embers can rain down.