Make sure your car is safe for rummer road trips


THERE are few things South Australian’s love more than packing the kids into the car over the summer holidays and heading off to explore.

With so many drivers taking their cars on extended trips, it is important to make sure everything is in working order before you leave.

There’s nothing worse than when the car breaks down because you haven’t prepared properly for a road trip.

Make sure you have your vehicle Safety Inspected before you go away this holiday season.

Fleurieu Automotive will be open throughout the season meaning they can provide you with what you need, when you need it. They are only closed on public holidays.

They provide a range of services to maintain your vehicle safety that includes:

Tyre Checks: Aside from being unsafe, if your tyre pressure isn’t correct it’ll also hit you in the hip pocket.

Low tyre pressure creates more friction on the road resulting in more fuel consumption and shorten the life of the tyre.

Fitting and Balancing Tyres is available at Fleurieu Automotive.

Wiper Check: Window wipers are easily sun-damaged and if they haven’t been used in a while.

Your vision is impaired by a smudged windscreen and realising how dangerous it can be to drive without good vision of the road isn’t ideal on long road trips.

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Engine Oil: Optimal running of your car’s engine relies on maintaining the correct fluid levels, so having your vehicle regularly serviced using quality Australian Penrite Oils at Fleurieu Automotive can avoid costly repairs.

Brakes: Even the least savvy driver knows brakes are important for obvious safety reasons and you can tell immediately if they’re working or not.

What you might not know is that brakes use a hydraulic system which requires fluid to keep them working.

Due to different environmental factors, with constant use, and the passage of time, brake fluid levels decrease.

As every person uses their car for different periods, it’s worth checking to see the last time your brake fluid was changed before going on a long trip.

All of this and more can and should be checked professionally before a long drive.

Fleurieu Automotive, who are currently in their ninth year of serving the community, can help with this.

Their Safety Stop Machine is the best way of making sure your car and family are safe this summer, and their encouragement of regular logbook servicing means it will stay that way.

Before you leave this summer, make sure you drop by Fleurieu Automotive, or call for more information on 8552 9335.