Kangaroo Island author releases new book

For lovers of the novel ‘Daughter of the Murray’ launched a year ago, another book trails in its success.

Kangaroo Island author Darry Fraser launches her second River Murray novel in print with publisher Harper Collins, ‘Where the Murray River Runs’

The new novel tells the story of Ard O’Rourke and Linley Seymour and spans the communities from Bendigo, down the River to Renmark, circa 1890.

O’Rourke is related to the lead character in the first Murray book but this new novel stands alone, it’s not a sequel. The premise is unusual and intriguing.

A young Linley has become guardian of a baby born in Bendigo, whose unwed mother has died and whose father is the man she always thought of as her own.

Where the Murray River Runs is already on international release under Harper Collins, testament to the notable success of its predecessor; the print run for Daughter of the Murray is up to 10,000 now, an important achievement in a genre where selling 3000 printed copies is considered a success.

Next May it will be released in smaller format.

The words and the work are flowing now for Ms Fraser. Her next book is contracted for November 2018 and will centre around Ballarat, immediately after the Eureka stockade.

“It is always fascinating to read first-hand accounts of history and to realise these people had worries, dreams and fears not so different to ours,” Ms Fraser said.

And while my characters are fictional, they can tell us a lot about the time in which they lived as well as the universal truths that apply to us all.”

Her research for the Ballarat novel revealed some fascinating facts, such as women being “accidentally” granted the vote in the goldfields.

Ms Fraser is also working on a third River Murray novel, which she hopes will bring the story closer to South Australia, along the river from Renmark to Mannum.

Another exciting development for the writer has been the privately commissioned novel for a family which wants to immortalise its colourful ancestor from Wales who starts out in 1839, and who makes a fortune in the mines at Blinman after emigrating to South Australia.

Ms Fraser will also tour River Murray towns early in 2018 to speak about her book. Read more at www.darryfraser.com.

This story River runs again for KI author first appeared on Barossa & Light Herald.