Fishermen encounter great white shark at Second Valley | VIDEO

Two fishermen had a “surreal” experience with a great white shark when they were fishing for snapper at Second Valley on Sunday, December 17.

Gary Wolstencroft, of Onkaparinga Hills, and Wayne Sutherland, of Sellicks Beach, were in Gary’s boat three kilometres off the coast when Wayne started reeling in a ray he had caught.

“He started dragging it up and he said, ‘Look, it’s a shark’,” Gary said.

“I said, ‘No way’, and he said, ‘Have a look’.”

He originally thought it was “just another fishing story” until he moved to the front of the boat.

“I looked over and only saw my reflection, then there it was,” he said.

Gary estimated the shark measured between 3.5 metres and 4m next to his 4.8m boat, and said there was “no doubt” it was a great white.

He was annoyed that he had brought a number of GoPro cameras on board and didn’t have them running at the time, but turned one on and sat it at the top of the boat in case it came back.

It swam past again and this time Gary had caught it on camera.

“It wasn’t aggressive or anything; it was quite graceful,” he said.

“I’m fascinated by great whites, and sharks in general. I’m a great believer that we’re in their domain and we leave them alone.

“It was a very good experience, to see that.”

It wasn’t the only lucky experience the pair had while in the boat that day.

“We thought, ‘There’s no fish around while that’s around’, so we pulled up the anchors,” he said.

“We saw a rope on the side and I pulled it up by hand, and it was heavy.

“It was an anchor and a berley float I’d lost two years ago.”


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