Christmas display at Normanville 'vandalised'

Residents have been devastated to find the Christmas display at Normanville damaged this week, in an incident the local council believed to be an act of vandalism.

Wire frames were bent, solar lights stolen and decorations were ripped from the ground at the display and metal had been bent and snapped off.

The District Council of Yankalilla posted a photo of the damage to its Facebook page on December 27 that sparked outrage amongst a number of local residents.

Phil Morecroft said it was very disappointing to see such an amazing display pulled apart.

“Very sad to see that… it is a great display and I can't see what enjoyment anyone can get out of damaging it,” he said.

Chiquita Sowerby said it was disgusting behaviour.

“This was a beautiful christmas set up that was displayed for the community and the tourists and as usual some nasty people destroy it like it is nothing,” she said.

Can't people just be thankful that it has been put there by the council and enjoy how lovely it was. Christmas is a time for love and joy not a time to worry that your decorations may be stolen or ruined.”

Sara Livemore Irvin suggested the area would benefit from some hidden security cameras.

Council’s chief executive officer Nigel Morris said council staff had inspected the area and believed it was an act of vandalism.

“I know some people were saying it could have just been wind but things were blown in different directions and the wind can’t pull things out of the ground,” he said.

He said council has since removed the display entirely for this year.

“I don’t want it to be that we need security cameras but we might need to look at having it in a more open space where more people can see it next year,” he said.