Bushfire destroys land at Myponga Beach

Myponga Beach residents have been urged to activate their Bushfire Safety Plans as an uncontrolled bushfire burns through the area.

Those without survival plans have been told to leave the area, but only if the path is clear to a safer place.

The fire near Sampson Road is travelling in a North Easterly direction towards Reservoir Road.

Drivers have been advised to not enter the area as the roads may not be safe.

Myponga Beach resident Emily McGuire said she contacted police after smelling smoke from the neighbouring property.

“Ten minutes after I called 000 it had spread about 2 acres and another 10 minutes later it had reached our property,” she said.

"We luckily had our irrigation being worked on and the irrigation worker helped us start all our fire preventative sprinklers and we started hosing our border.”

She said several of her neighbours came straight out to help her family.

“They helped us before having to return to check their own properties,” she said.