South Coast resident Khairunnisa Schebella discusses her purpose

I often ask myself ‘Why I am here?’ Yes the BIG question… here, in this life but also here, in Victor Harbor. It is not a place I planned to be or was even connected to. In fact, as a former Middleton and Port Elliot resident (where I felt at home and a true physical and spiritual connection) I used to shake my head when I thought of Victor. I felt the vibe was dull and as I recall someone describing it as ‘stodgy’, like it had a build-up of plaque on its hearts walls. I admit I used to avoid Victor unless it was UN-avoidable.

An Adelaide girl, I spent my teenage surfing years coming to Middleton. With a Wellington based maternal upline I felt a familial connection to Goolwa at the place where the river meets the sea, and well Port Elliot’s eclectic village lifestyle just ticked all my boxes. After living in Sydney and overseas, at 49 my sea change to the south coast, which I renamed the Encounter Coast, was all about reconnecting with my love of the ocean, whales and surfing. About finding my spiritual home.

I first noticed the change in Victor that I had hoped to see when The Joyful Buddhas opened in the heart of Victor. Something changed for me and when it popped up in Ocean Street with locally roasted De Groot coffee, the vibe of the main street seemed to begin to beat with a more vibrant rhythm. It became a destination I wanted to travel to and it began a new relationship for me with Ocean Street and Victor Harbor. I want to acknowledge how grateful I am for Julie and her heartfelt vision and ongoing persistence at keeping the Joyful Buddhas heart beating strong. To answer my own question, it’s the vibe change in Victor that is ‘why I am here’ and have confidence with the suitably named Victoria in the driver’s seat at the CVH, a new arts officer, a proposed arts centre, an arts and cultural advisory committee and proposed Encounter Coast Surfing Reserve things are changing for the good and I am excited!