Cittaslow's Australia Day 'At the Wharf' event

The most recent Cittaslow ‘At the Wharf’ was on Friday January 26 at Signal Point Goolwa from 5-8pm. A fitting part of Australia Day in that, as always, the event showcased local food, wine and music.

The threatened extreme heat never eventuated. In fact, the event was blessed with perfect weather – not too hot or too cold!

The crowd of several hundred, which included many visitors to Goolwa, really enjoyed their time. The dance floor was jumping to the beat of Matt and the Maniacs (with guest vocalist Suzi) turning out renditions of favourites old and new.

Cittaslow is all about supporting local endeavours as part of their philosophy to make Goolwa the best place it can be for residents and visitors alike.

Free community events like At The Wharf (which will return on February 23) is an enjoyable way to enjoy the features of the historic riverport.