David Kemp on leaving behind a legacy for future generations

As a grandparent you like to leave a legacy to your grandchildren and I guess there are a lot of things you can choose from.

Personally I have chosen the principles of values. I believe values are always present in our lives, even though we might not always consciously think about them. Values can take many forms including cultural, family, society, personal and organisations, just to name a few.

After the Second World War there was a greater level of community values by helping and looking after each other due to what that generation experienced.

Since that major event, do other people feel the community values have diminished or have been lost by how people are putting themselves first before considering others these days?

Have the older generation passed on the values that they have grown up with to the younger generations? Has technology, as in social media, eroded our values, on how people treat each other by making comments, which can be used to abuse and harass people?

Observing the unfitting behavior of our community leaders on how they communicate with each other, does this demonstrate the lack of values in these people? Every day you can observe people in their daily lives if they have or minimal values by how they behave. We need to identify, know their definition and how values affect our lives.

What has happened to the values of honesty, respect, integrity, sympathy, excellence and teamwork as an example? Being a father I have supported my children to pass on values to their children.

So my legacy is to encourage my grandchildren to not only choose their values and learn them but to demonstrate them everyday so they can grow to be mature and responsible adults in their community.

David Kemp

Encounter Bay