Aldinga Mowers and Cycles come back from the brink of despair


One of the businesses destroyed in an arson attack on Mother’s Day in 2015 has completed an inspiring move back to a prime location.

Aldinga Mowers and Cycles (AMAC) was set ablaze by arsonists, wiping out the entire business and forcing owners Jane and Brenton to relocate their family owned and operated business at the drop of the hat.

It has been a long and tough road for the couple, as well as all the staff at AMAC, who were forced to  conduct business from a warehouse a few streets away from their burnt out business. This continued for two years, until just recently, when AMAC was able to return to the main road in a prime position, ending a tale of resilience that is inspiring to other business owners going through difficulties.

Customer Service Officer Mandi Nottle said it is phenomenal that after losing everything they we able to come back bigger and better than ever before.

“Even though the odds were against them, it is amazing to see how much has been achieved by Jane and Brenton,” she said.

“This is especially the case considering the huge percentage of businesses which either don’t re-open at all or the businesses fail within the next few years of trying to get back on their feet.”

Not only is AMAC back in a prime position, they have been able to improve on their previous location with a huge renovation of the building. New workshops have been built out the back of the showroom to make servicing efficient and high quality. They have also gone to great lengths to create a strong working and learning environment for their staff, which Mandi says is a pleasure to work in and which then shines through in their customer service. 

Jane and Brenton’s eldest son Nathan now also works in sales and has been with the business for about two and a half years, helping greatly in the recovery of the business. AMAC have now been established for over three decades. 

Service, range and backup is their specialty and they are immensely proud to be in league with only quality business partners including Honda, Stihl, MTD, Greenfield, Toro, Walker, Victa, Silvan/Selecta, Polaris, ISEKI and many more.

They carry an extensive range of spare parts to cater for all the major brands they distribute and to fulfill the needs of their busy workshop. All technicians are also trained in sales and are able to provide assistance to their customers in store as well. 

AMAC has been hiring-out equipment for approximately nine years, which has turned into an integral part of the business. Available are mini diggers and indoor or outdoor equipment. 

For more drop into Lot 2 Aldinga Beach Rd, Aldinga Beach or phone 8557 7041.

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