Local surfer and Coastal Ambassador Nisa Schebella explores her political values

We are taught that we must achieve, struggle, protest, fight against and be in resistance to that which we disagree. That monuments are built for those that fought against the opposition. Yet there is a cardinal universal law that says ‘what you resist, persists’, which Swiss psychologist Carl Jung talked about.

He called it The Shadow and found that resistance to the shadow would create persistence, even enlargement of the shadowy aspect or situation. In fact, the power of all that focused energy and thought creates more of that which you don’t want!

This reminds us that maybe it’s better to turn the boat around, drop the oars and let the flow of life carry you to your natural destination, rather than try to paddle upstream.

It reminds us to put our focussed energy on what we want, not what we don’t want. How we want to be as an individual, a community and a society.

Mother Teresa was once asked why she didn't participate in anti-war demonstrations. “I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I'll be there.” She understood.

With the state election looming large I choose to put my energies where I think best will suit not only my ethics and values but also my vision for a more enriched, educated, healthy, fair, creative and connected community. Where the wealth, resources and opportunities are there for all to access. Where the rights to clean air, water and food are enshrined in law. Where everyone can feel safe and respected.

To date I have only had one candidate reach out to connect with me and make the time to get to know me and ask what my hopes are and vision for the region is.

Looks like he has my vote.

Local surfer, creative producer, digital artisan in-training and Coastal Ambassador Nisa Schebella explores the arts, culture and the environment