Judges notes: Jersey On-Farm Heifer Competition 2018

The Jersey On-Farm Heifer Competition for 2018 was recently held across the Barossa Valley and Fleurieu Peninsula.

Competition Judge Neville Mueller and his wife Marie travelled from Murray Bridge to various locations around these areas to see the competition entrants.

Mr Mueller said he found heifers in varying stages of development from unmated to being a month off calving. 

“This certainly made evaluating them more difficult, as did the distance and seeing them over a three-day period,” Mr Mueller said.

“The two groups I put up were the most even group showing true Jersey dairy character with very good udders developing.”

Mr Mueller noted the winning heifers were of a high calibre and, as such, difficult to judge.

“Their balance, good dairy bone and body capacity with excellent udder development really indicated how the jersey breed has progressed over the last half century,” he said.

Due to the varying life stages of the entrants, Mr Mueller is interested to see how the heifers will grow and change in order to see their full potential as dairy cows.

“Where possible I would like to follow up some of these heifers,” he said.

Mr Mueller is thankful to the breeders for their hospitality. He and his wife enjoyed renewing friendships and found the judging to be a very pleasurable experience.