Retiring Member for Finniss Michael Pengilly reflects on his 12 years with the electorate

My time as the Member for Finniss concludes this Friday at midnight and the electors have the responsibility of electing a new MP the next day.

I would like to take the opportunity to very sincerely thank the Fleurieu community for the very strong support it has given me over the last 12 years from March 17, 2006 until this week’s election on March 17, 2018.

Jan and I have enjoyed immensely the experience and will remember all the good times we have shared during my term and the great friends we have made. As the Member, my office and I have been able to assist many people over the years with a host of issues. That is my job. I have been blessed with wonderful staff who are known to many readers, I thank them for tolerating me. 

I have never been one to sit in the office instead of being out talking to people and supporting our businesses and organisations. My staff have been a bit frustrated with not tying me down from time to time.

Parliamentary sittings are often long and arduous with country members away from home for days at a time, I will not miss North Terrace and its closed walls.

It is a rare and enormous privilege to serve as a Member of parliament and one never taken lightly by myself. Despite the constant criticism of MP’s across the nation most work very hard and put in long hours for their electorates.

The very location of the Fleurieu and its maritime climate means that the region is most attractive for people to reside in and that will only increase and put pressure on all levels of government for years to come.

It also brings social problems. The enormous number of children and young families augurs well for the community long term, the challenge is to keep as many as possible being educated here and finding jobs. Primary industry must not be threatened by ever increasing red tape and green tape, it is a cornerstone of the Fleurieu economy and highly productive.

Obviously I hope for a change of government; after 16 years it is well and truly time.

We will be living on Kangaroo Island on a permanent basis after this week, if you are visiting give us a call , life will take a new turn. Four grandchildren, of whom three are in Darwin will mean Jan and I wont be in one place too long I suspect. Plus a fair time spent fishing and a farm will occupy us I’d suggest. Thank you again and we look forward to the journey ahead.

Michael Pengilly, MP Member for Finniss