Winter sports start in earnest this weekend

It has been a very busy past few weeks, as the community says goodbye to the many summer sporting events.

Grand finals have been played in cricket, tennis, bowls and basketball and sailing is also coming to the end of a successful season at the clubs on the Fleurieu.

But as one season ends, another begins and of course the mainstream winter sports will commence on Saturday.

Football and netball are the two most attractive and high profile sports with the greatest participation rates and generating the largest spectator interest. 

The Times will once again be all over the games which will be played in the Great Southern Football League and Netball Association and with other winter sports such as hockey, badminton, table tennis and soccer also being played, there is a sport for every individual to participate in.

Which brings to the key point of this editorial. There are so many great sports on the Fleurieu Peninsula to take part in there is little excuse for anyone to be involved, whether it be as a volunteer, a positive supporter or playing.

Sport is unique, in that it gels communities and people together and in particularly team sports really do build on camaraderie and generate a belonging.

Over the next few weeks The Times will raise awareness on bullying and mental health in our community and on page 5 of this week’s edition there is a great article from Dr Moira Jenkins, who is a Victor Harbor Clinical Psychologist. 

Dr Jenkins looks with great insight on the pressures associated with growing up in an era where social media is King. It dictates the way of life of today’s youth, but exposes our youth to bullying at an extreme level.

“If we want the youth of today to be the leaders and productive members of tomorrow’s society we need to look after them, and support them. Today, over 90 percent of teenagers use a mobile phone, making it the most popular form of technology and a common medium for cyber bullying. Text messages, Facebook Instagram are also mediums for threatening, humiliating and very public ways of teasing someone,” Dr Jenkins writes.

This is where sport plays such a vital role. It is where, as a community, we can embrace our youth, get the mobile phone put down, give Facebook a rest and bring people into a united fold. Sport builds self esteem and it does not matter how old you are, we all need that boost.