Great Southern badminton teams finalised for 2018

TEAM WORK: Mark Dickinson hits the shuttlecock in doubles action with partner Andrew Bedell during their round 1 match they won 24-22.
TEAM WORK: Mark Dickinson hits the shuttlecock in doubles action with partner Andrew Bedell during their round 1 match they won 24-22.

Round 2 at Investigator College Victor Harbor Campus Performing Arts and Sports Centre on Tuesday night saw Fleurieu Milk Company's: Lochlan Hodge, Meiling Wang, Rong Jackson, Shayne Drummond, Ray Jackson, Leigh Brown, Darren Hodge and Luke Hodge score 357 points to defeat OJ Computer's: Matt East, Hayley Hogg, Amanda Stevens, Matt Jaensch, Wesley Yap, Rodney Beswick, Steve Wynniatt and Adam Holdsworth with 327 points.

A Doubles: Matt E/Hayley d Lochlan/Rong 21-17, Amanda/Steve d Rong/Darren 21-19 and Rong/Lochlan d Amanda/Matt E 25-23. B Doubles: Ray/Luke d Wesley/Adam 21-19, Shayne/Leigh d Matt J/Rodney 21-14 and Meiling/Leigh d Hayley/Rodney 21-19. C Doubles: Darren/Shayne d Steve/Matt J 21-16 and Leigh/Luke d Rodney/Adam 24-22. In the Singles: Rong d Amanda, Shayne d Matt J, Hayley d Meiling 21-13 and Lochlan def Matt East 22-20.

All seven teams have been finalised for the 2018 season and it shapes up to be a very even and competitive competition this year.

The official teams for this season are: 1-Victor Podiatry Centre; Jannette Novice, Beth Fidock, Nina de Brequet, Valentin Gross, Dale Sheridan, Mezzin Sheridan, TBA and Allan Brown.

2 – Tonkin's Sports; Meredith Hough, Sandie Sierke, Matthew Jones, Matthew Woollacott, Prav Sacoran, Greg Beames, TBA and Allan Tonkin.

3 – Hamper Warehouse; Narelle Stewart, Rainy Jiang, Estelle Brayford, Simon Brayford, Harris Tan, Bryan Anderson, Joe van Dalen and Rodney Beswick.

4 – McDonald's Victor Harbor; Belinda Cardall, Sarah Hill, Zachary Daniell, Shane Mignanelli, Sam Traforti, AJ Bedell, Mark Dickinson and Gavin Daniell.

5 – OJ Computers; Amanda Stevens, Hayley Hogg, Adam Holdsworth, Matt East, Josh Harvie, Matt Jaensch, Wesley Yap and Steve Wynniatt.

6 – Fleurieu Milk Company; Rong Jackson, Lyn Hodge, Luke Hodge, Lochlan Hodge, Leigh Brown, Shayne Drummond, Ray Jackson and Darren Hodge.

7 – Stanvac Korean Autoparts; Laya Ramos, Tala Ramos, Bryn Hayes, Yulius Tejoseputro, Daniel Halse, Simon Hayes, Lochlan McFarlane and Dale Wilson.

The GSBA is open from 6pm to 9pm every Tuesday for social badminton, accomodating for all ages and levels of ability. Cost is $4 per person per night, with all equipment provided. 

The only requirement is that players wear appropriate soft soled shoes to protect the court playing surface. There are currently two  regular positions available for any new members wishing to join in the competition this season.  

Round 3 sees Fleurieu Milk Company vs Tonkins Sports on Tuesday meanwhile on Thursday Hamper Warehouse vs Stanvac Korean Autoparts and Victor Podiatry Centre vs OJ Computers.