Mount Compass hold hoodoo over Encounter Bay in football

PRESSURE ON: Encounter Bay utility Jack Crispin does well to spoil Mount Compass onballer Michael Corbett from marking the ball on Saturday.
PRESSURE ON: Encounter Bay utility Jack Crispin does well to spoil Mount Compass onballer Michael Corbett from marking the ball on Saturday.

Mount Compass hosted Encounter Bay and both sides had chances to score early in the game, but in each case the last line of defence was able to fend off the attacks.

It was Bays’ Karpany who notched up the first goal of the game. A goal to Ziggy Vitkunas for the Dogs was followed by one more from Eagle Fraser Tonkin. Boots kicked a nice running goal off his wrong foot to reply.

Quarter time scores were Bays 3-1 to Compass 3-3.

It soon became obvious that the Bays were out to put their stamp on the game. Hooper was in everything that came his way, returning the ball in the Bays direction at every opportunity.

Barnes got involved to wend the ball forward off half back to Karpany for the opening goal of the quarter. Bays in front.

Things were getting pretty willing as a storm brewed around the Bays’ half forward line involving a number of players from both sides.

The umpires were quick to award a Compass free down the ground as Hooper was yellow carded to the sin bin. Even Bay’s runner Gibbs got involved by intimidating a Compass player. 

Discipline was the downfall of the Bays, as T Vitkunas was given a 50m free bringing him forward from his usual half back position to goal.

Compass had plenty of opportunities to goal, but could only manage points. Hooper applied the pressure on Compass scoring after being infringed in a late contact decision while marking at half forward flank and getting a 50m penalty into the teeth of goals.

The quarter belonged to the Bays as they effectively took advantage of the meagre pickings.

Half time scores were Bays 6-3 to an inaccurate Compass 4-9.

Compass blew Bays out of the water in the third booting 7-4 to no reply.

Goals rained for the Dogs through M Corbett, Pinyon, Hill, Ritter and Z Vitkunas.

Third quarter scores were Bays goalless for the quarter on 6-3 to Compass 11-13.

Compass’ Marshall was clearly enjoying time in the middle for Compass and was thus providing a different approach on the ball for Compass. Hoban, hovering around centre was the conduit into attack as the Compass half back line repelled everything coming their way. 

The Bays’ Marshall, marking in the midst of much action provided them with their first goal since before half time.

Instantaneously Compass moved out of centre through to Z Vitkunas for the reply. Karpany and Campbell were not about to give up and all credit goes to them for their efforts. 

To cap off the day Connor passed to Pinyon for their last goal for the day. 

Compass showed that they continue to be a forceful presence in the GSFL as they soaked up the pressure on the field and reassert it on the score board. Final scores were Bays 9-4 to Compass 15-16.