Close matches at Great Southern badminton

CONCENTRATION: Nina de Brequet from the Victor Podiatry Centre team plays an overhead shot at Great Southern badminton. Photo courtesy: Ray Jackson.

CONCENTRATION: Nina de Brequet from the Victor Podiatry Centre team plays an overhead shot at Great Southern badminton. Photo courtesy: Ray Jackson.

Round 17 on Tuesday saw Stanvac Korean Autopart's; Yulius Tejoseputro, Daniel Halse, Laya Ramos, Neil Smit, Tala Ramos, Simon Hayes, Dale Wilson and Brynn Hayes score 343 points to Hamper Warehouse's; Simon Brayford, Harris Tan, Jodie Veron, Bryan Anderson, Rainy Jiang, Joe van Dalen, Rodney Beswick and Estelle Brayford with 287 points. In A Doubles: Simon/Harris d Yulius/Daniel and Laya/Dale d Jodie/Rodney. B Doubles: Estelle/Rainy d Brynn/Tala and Daniel/Simon d Harris/Joe. C Doubles: Rodney/Bryan d Dale/Neil and Estelle/Rodney d Brynn/Dale. In the singles: Neil d Bryan, Harris d Daniel and Jodie d Laya.

On Thursday, Tonkin's Sport's; Matthew Woollacott, Prav Sacaran, Meredith Hough, Greg Beames, Sandie Sierke, Matthew Jones, Rodney Beswick and Alan Tonkin scored 365 points to Fleurieu Milk Company's; Leigh Brown, Lochlan Hodge, Jodie Veron, Josh Harvie, Lyn Hodge, Luke Hodge, Darren Hodge and Ray Jackson with 291 points. In the A Doubles: Matthew W/Prav d Leigh/Lochlan and Meredith/Sandie d Jodie/Lyn. B Doubles: Prav/Matthew J d Lochlan/Luke and Sandie/Allan d Lyn/Ray. C Doubles: Darren/Lochlan d Rodney/Prav and Rodney/Greg d Darren/Josh. In the singles: Allan d Ray and Meredith d Jodie.

Victor Podiatry Centre's; Dale Sheridan, Jacob Dugmore, Jannette Novice, Mezzin Sheridan, Beth Fidock, Allan Brown, John Harvie and Nina de Brequet scored 341 points to OJ Computer's; Yulius Tejoseputro, Matthew Farmer, Amanda Stevens, Bodhi Sheridan, Sharna Brown, Robert Jones, Shayne Drummond and Adam Holdsworth with 336 points. In A Doubles: Jannette/John d Amanda/Shayne and Beth/Jannette d Sharna/Amanda. B Doubles: Mezzin/Allan d Bodhi/Robert and Matthew/Sharna d Jacob/Beth. C Doubles: Mezzin/John d Bodhi/Shayne and Nina/Allan d Adam/Robert. In the singles, Yulius d Dale, Mezzin d Bodhi, Jacob d Matthew and Jannette d Amanda.

A catch-up match from round 13 was also played with Fleurieu Milk Company's; Leigh Brown, Lochlan Hodge, Amanda Dean, Josh Harvie, Lyn Hodge, Ray Jackson, Darren Hodge and Luke Hodge scoring 344 points to McDonalds-V.H's; Sam Traforti, Jan de Villiers, Belinda Cardall, Jack Read, Sandie Sierke, Robert Jones, Gavin Daniell and Zachary Daniell with 318 points. In the A Doubles: Belinda/Gavin d Amanda/Darren 21-18 and Lyn/Amanda d Sandie/Belinda. B Doubles: Lochlan/Ray d Jan/Robert and Sandie/Jan d Lyn/Lochlan. C Doubles: Robert/Zachary d Ray/Luke and Darren/Lochlan d Gavin/Jan. In the singles Josh d Jack, Leigh d Sam, Belinda d Amanda and Zachary d Luke.

Tuesday social badminton is free to all participants between 6pm to 7pm for another two weeks for competition catch-up matches. The GSBA AGM will also be held on Thursday, August 16 at Investigator College. New players welcome, contact Tim - 0431 041 666.