Myponga/Sellicks give Mount Compass a scare in football

GET THE CRUMBS: Myponga/Sellicks utility Sean Haverty causes Mount Compass big man Peter Hoban to go off balance with this attack on the football on Saturday.
GET THE CRUMBS: Myponga/Sellicks utility Sean Haverty causes Mount Compass big man Peter Hoban to go off balance with this attack on the football on Saturday.

In typical perfect sunny, July weather at Myponga, third placed Mount Compass Bulldogs, who were looking to secure a top three position took on the Mudlarks, who needed everything to go their way to see finals action. 

It was a good hard match with no easy kicks happening and Myponga/Sellicks proved it could match it with the best in the competition, as the current form suggests, the Bulldogs were playing great football and charging to defend their back to back premiership run.

Although good conditions, both sides struggled to move the ball freely and it was left to individual efforts from the Bulldogs to get the scoreboard ticking. 

It was really due to the continual pressure bot sides were applying on the ball carrier.

Hoban and Miller were having a good contest in the ruck, but the Bulldog midfield were getting more of the clearances through Schultz and Marshall.

Schultz in particular was one player on the ground who was smooth and skillful when in possession of the football.

The Bulldogs went into quarter time with an eight point lead.

The second quarter produced much of the same. Hard pressure football with both defences locking hard on to their respective forwards.

Bulldog forward Pinyon was being held, but Ziggy Vitkunas was causing plenty of headaches for the Mudlark defence, while at the other end Carroll was kicking goals while resting up forward.

Carroll was showing why he his rated one of the best footballers in the competition, as he was winning the hrad ball in the middle and when forward was a real target for the Mudlarks.

The Bulldogs increased their lead to 13 points at the long break and there was nothing in the match.

The third quarter was a battle of the defences, as both sides only managed two goals each.

Myponga/Sellicks could sense an opportunity to roll one of the favoured sides in the competition and re-stake a claim for a final five position. 

For the Mudlarks, Merrett and the inform Flintham were well on top, but there entries forward were being repelled by Bolton and Hoban.

Vitkunas and O’Hagan goaled for Mount Compass, while Clarke and Sansbury were the Mudlark contributors.

The margin at the last change was still only 13 points in favour of the Dogs.

In the last the Mudlarks tried hard, but could not crack the Bulldog defence, who repelled well.

Myponga/Sellicks knew if they could just edge to the lead then momentum would take them home to victory, however right throughout the day, Mount Compass just had the capacity to keep that two to three goal margin and buffer from the relentless Mudlarks.

The Bulldogs showed their class when it was required and allowed themselves to edge further ahead in the last term for a 22 point win, the biggest margin for the day.

Vitkunas was best for the Bulldogs with four goals and plenty of other possessions, ably supported by Marshall, Bolton, McKenzie and Schultz, while Carroll with his own four goals was the pick for the Mudlarks, along with Merrett, Flintham, Macrow and Ogilvie.