Second Valley township speed could drop to 40km/h

The speed limit in the Second Valley township could drop to 40km/h, depending on what the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) thinks of the idea.

The District Council of Yankalilla and the Second Valley Progress Association (SVPA) have been working together to see the speed limit on Finniss Vale Drive reduced due to the high volume of people using the road, especially during summer.

Currently the road is 80km/h but the organisations want to see it dropped to 50km/h, along with a drop in the township speed to 40km/h.

With work underway to reduce the 80km/h zone to 50km/h, elected members made the decision to write to the DPTI to ask if they would “investigate and report back on the possibility of installing a 40km/h Area Zone in the Second Valley coastal township area”. 

Mayor Glen Rowlands said a combination of more holidaymakers and more people using a walking trail along Finniss Vale Drive from Main South Road meant there was more safety hazards on the road.

“It’s a pure safety thing. It’s quiet now, but it goes ballistic in summer,” he said.

“There’s been a lot of work at the beach keeping people away from the carpark (to reduce safety risk).”

He said a survey conducted with Second Valley residents revealed a majority supported the speed limit drop.

A report presented to council in July said although some Second Valley property owners would “not agree with the introduction of a 40km/h zone to the area”, there were more survey respondents who supported the zone than those who did not. 

“They’re looking forward to it. It’s a local issue,” Mr Rowlands said.

SVPA treasurer David Speck said he dreaded the day an accident happened on the stretch of road to the beach.

“I’ve been here her since ‘82 and it’s always been 80km/h, but the issue is from the playground onwards there’s a lot of people now,” he said.

“All the other roads you do 40km/h on anyway.”

A radar gun showing drivers what speed they are travelling has been installed on Finniss Vale Drive to encourage safer driving.

“It works better than a speed sign. It’s positioned well, we’re lucky to have it in a good spot,” Mr Speck said.

The council will also be asking the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure for its view on adjusting speed limits on Main South Road and the entire length of Finniss Vale Drive at Second Valley.

Once DPTI has responded to the council’s requests, they will be presented to elected members to consider.