Results of Hockey matches around the Fleurieu on Saturday, August 4.

ATTACK: Yankalilla Hockey Club junior player Ionwa Robetson positions herself to carry the ball forward for her side on Saturday, August 4. Photo: Jesse Ehlers.
ATTACK: Yankalilla Hockey Club junior player Ionwa Robetson positions herself to carry the ball forward for her side on Saturday, August 4. Photo: Jesse Ehlers.

Under 13: Yankalilla 2 defeated Aldinga Black 0

An extremely tight game was played between these two teams with great skill being shown by players from both sides. It was an exciting and enjoyable game to watch.

Goolwa 3 defeated Victor White.

Goolwa started strong with some fast breaks into their attack through Sunset Brauer, Memphis Brook and Maya Overall. Victor White’s defence worked hard to clear the ball all game. Jett Rose stepped into full back with Sam Sheppard and worked well with goalie Zach Tunbridge clearing many balls. Selena Arens and Brandon Lee worked the mid field and supported their forwards. White’s Huntar Walton worked especially hard all game trying to feed the ball forward to his young and enthusiastic forwards. Goolwa scored 3 goals for the game, Memphis 1 and Sunset 2 giving Goolwa a good win.

Under 16: Aldinga Black 3 defeated Yankalilla 2

Aldinga started strong with two goals in the first half, with Yankalilla unable to get any attack away. However, at the start of the second half, Erin for Yankalilla snuck the ball past the goalie after receiving a cross pass. This was followed by an equalising goal from Declan, The game continued with both team relentless in their efforts to get another score but it was Aldinga who was successful in scoring once more.

Victor Blue 7 defeated Aldinga Blue 1

It was an even start to the game with both sides moving the ball around. Mikayla Schutz defended well all day for Aldinga with Mitchell Brown having an awesome run down the field to score for Aldinga. Victor then stepped up the pace. Jasper Roberts kept Aldinga’s defence under pressure using his skill to move the ball into attack and scoring twice for Victor. When Aldinga got the ball into their attack, Tom Roberts and Nick Wood combined well at fullback for Victor. Grace Thyssen played well for Aldinga as did Acacia Schutz. Jacob Haythorpe showed his versatility for Victor playing in goals for the first half then having a run on the field in the second half and scoring two goals. Other goal scorers for Victor were Muskan Kaur, Brad Riley and Reece Miller with Victor winning 7-1.

Women: Goolwa 3 defeated Yankalilla 0

Yankalilla’s defence was under the hammer right from the start with Goolwa’s forwards making many inroads, while Yankalilla found it hard to penetrate Goolwa’s defences. Sally Newenham had a great game for Goolwa, controlling the centre mid field, getting the ball forward and combining well with Lainie, playing on the wing. They became Yankalilla’s greatest threat, so it wasn’t long before Goolwa got a score when Yankalilla’s goalie miss kicked the ball.

During the second half, Yankalilla were getting more of the attack but were still unable to get past Goolwa’s defence. Goolwa’s second goal came from a short corner when their persistence paid off. Their third goal was scored on the full time whistle despite the desperate efforts from Katrina McCullough to stop it.

Victor White 3 defeated Victor Blue 0

Victor Women had another derby on the weekend. This is always a tough game as they are very evenly matched. However, Victor White took a 3 nil win over the Victor Blue team. In the first half, both sides fought hard to penetrate their attacking circle with very few shots on goal due to strong defense. There were several strong match ups. Madison and Brianna were one of these tough tussles with both girls getting in the best players. Victor White soon began dominating play with Gemma Dally controlling the centre. Victor Blue changed their team up to open up the play and hope to penetrate the White’s defence unfortunately for Blue, Georgia Warner, Muskan Kaur and Shirtiva Wells held them out. Victor White soon scored off a short corner through a quick ball into the post of the goal where Lani was waiting to sneak it into the goal. Brianna Smith scored two goals from some great team plays. It was a good win for White.