Poultry show draws entries from across SA

Aron Quinton (champion waterfowl), Damian Wilson (champion bird of show), Rod Thorn (reserve champion bird), Brady Carlson (reserve champion junior), and Keryn Hull (champion junior).
Aron Quinton (champion waterfowl), Damian Wilson (champion bird of show), Rod Thorn (reserve champion bird), Brady Carlson (reserve champion junior), and Keryn Hull (champion junior).

The Strathalbyn and Districts Poultry and Pigeon Club Annual Show held at the Port Elliot Showgrounds on Sunday, July 29, created a lot of interest, with 385 entries.

The day was a success, with good weather conditions and support and donations from many local businesses and individuals.

Thirty-five exhibitors travelled from areas including the Fleurieu, Dawesley, Nairne, Meningie, McLaren Vale, Kapunda, Angaston, Springton, Palmer, Morphett Vale, Para Hills, Hawthorn, Ridgehaven and Yorketown.

President Trudy Hull thanked everyone for their attendance and support, with a special thanks conveyed to the committee for all their assistance.

Judges on the day were Tom Bowden, Jeff Fulcher and Graeme Warnest and stewards were Damian Wilson, Scott Evans and Aron Quinton.

The judges gave mostly positive comments; most birds were well presented, the modern game were a very good type, but some birds were out of feather and some OEGs needed pen training.

The judges’ special awards went to Jackie Lack (Rhode Island Red), Ron Wright (Indian Game), and James Spencer (Black East Indies Ducks).

The Murray Crosby Memorial Trophy, in memory of the valued life member, was presented to Rod Thorn.


Major Awards

Champion Bird of Show – Damian Wilson (Australorp Cockerel); Reserve Champion Bird – Rod Thorn (Modern Game Black Red Cockerel); Champion Large Fowl – Damian Wilson (Australorp Pullet); Champion Bantam – Damian Wilson (Australorp Cockerel); Champion Heavy Breed – Damian Wilson (Australorp Pullet); Champion Light Breed – Stephanie Demasi (Silkie White Hen); Champion Large Hard Feather – Aron Quinton (Sumatra Cockerel); Champion Hard Feather Bantam – Rod Thorn (Modern Game Black Red Cockerel); Champion Soft Feather Bantam – Damian Wilson (Australorp Cockerel); Champion Waterfowl – Aron Quinton (Indian Runner Coloured Young Drake); Champion Junior – Keryn Hull (Old English Game Bantam Pullet); Reserve Champion Junior – Brady Carlson (Australorp Pullet).

Other Champions

Champion Heavy Breed Male, Champion Heavy Breed Female, Champion Heavy Soft Feather Bantam Male, Champion Heavy Soft Feather Bantam Female – Damian Wilson; Champion Light Breed Male, Champion Hard Feather Bantam Female – Ron and Mary Wright; Champion Light Breed Female – Stephanie Demasi; Champion Large Hard Feather Male, Champion Waterfowl Heavy Female, Champion Waterfowl Light Male – Aron Quinton; Champion Large Hard Feather Female – Danmalee Poultry; Champion Hard Feather Bantam Male, Champion True Bantam Male, Champion Overall Game Large Fowl or Bantam – Rod Thorn; Champion Light Soft Feather Bantam Male – Brian Gowing; Champion Light Soft Feather Bantam Female – Scott Evans; Champion True Bantam Female – Jo Webb; Champion Waterfowl Heavy Male, Champion Waterfowl Bantam Male, Champion Japanese – Jo Chapman; Champion Waterfowl Light Female – Jackie Lac; Champion Waterfowl Bantam Female, Champion Eggs, Champion Polish Large Fowl or Bantam – JAKTS Poultry; Champion Junior Heavy Breed, Champion Junior Eggs – Brady Carlson; Champion Junior Light Breed, Champion Junior Hard Feather Bantam – Keryn Hull; Champion Junior Soft Feather Bantam – James Spencer; Champion Junior Waterfowl – Zak and Sarah Spencer; Champion Barnevelder (Triss Wales prize) – Rex Liebelt; Champion Guinea Fowl – Deb Quinton.

President’s Trophy: Christine Riley (first time exhibitor).


Large fowl: Malay Game, Hamburg – Danmalee Poultry; Sumatra, Araucana – Aron Quinton; Faverolles, Croad Langshan, AOV – Jim Marsh; Australorp – Damian Wilson; Orpington – Christine Riley; Rhode Island, Andalusian – Erick and Angela Nartschick; Barnevelder, Wyandotte – Rex and Leah Liebelt; Sussex – Tabitha McGorm; Polish – JAKTS Poultry; Leghorn – Leif Ferguson; Ancona – Ron and Mary Wright; Silkie – Stephanie Demasi; Houdan – Keryn Hull.

Bantams: Indian Game – Ron and Mary Wright; Polish, Belgian, AOV – JAKTS Poultry; Malay Game, Ancona – Danmalee Poultry; Rosecomb, Modern Game – Rod Thorn; Old English Game, Wyandotte – Des Schutz; Faverolles – Jim Marsh; Japanese – Jo Webb; Pekin – Bill May; Australorp – Damian Wilson; Sebright, Plymouth Rock – Janet Kuys; Leghorn – Brian Gowing; Araucana – Erick and Angela Nartschick.

Waterfowl: Crested, Indian Runner, Buff Orpington, Cayuga – Aron Quinton; Mallard, Pekin – Jo Chapman; Khaki Campbell – Christine Riley; Muscovy – Danmalee Poultry; Call Duck, Saxony – JAKTS Poultry; Appleyard – Zak and Sarah Spencer; Black East Indies – James Spencer.


Large Fowl: Australorp – Brady Carlson; Old English Game – Keryn Hull.

Bantam: Australorp – Zak and Sarah Spencer; Langshan – James Spencer.

Waterfowl: Appleyard – Zak and Sarah Spencer.