Much to do, see at University of the Third Age South Coast

The University of the Third Age (U3A) South Coast runs workshops and lectures at the Historic Motor Vehicles Club in Victor Harbor at 2pm each session. Members and visitors can attend with a $2 entry fee.

September activities

Foreign Aid – Tuesday, September 11 – Presenter: Neville Saunderson

Australia’s extensive aid program supports developing countries in the Asia Pacific region. This presentation focuses on the delivery of Australian aid through the experiences of Neville who has managed education and scholarship programs over the past 15 years.

The History of the Rose – Thursday, September 13 – Presenter: Elizabeth Caldicott

The history of the rose family, Rosaceae, can be traced back to the time of the dinosaurs. This presentation will tell the story of the rose, its many forms and varieties, its transition from the earliest native wild roses to the vast modern range.

Fascinating Fleurieu – Thursday, September 20 – Presenter: Andrew Jeffery

Andrew has a special interest in the geology of this region. He will outline its geological history, leading to a greater understanding of its various interesting features including The Bluff, Granite Island and Glacier Rock. An excursion on September 28 follows on from the talk.

The Outback and Art – Tuesday, September 25 – Presenter: Wendy Jennings

 After marrying a park ranger, Wendy Jennings lived for over 30 years in and around national parks in two states. It was during this time that she developed a career as a wildlife artist and has some interesting stories to tell. 

Film Screening: Cave of Forgotten Dreams – Thursday, September 27

This screening is part of the Flourishing Fleurieu Festival. There will be no charge and afternoon tea will be provided. For over 20,000 years Chauvet Cave in France has been blocked off by a fallen rockface, its crystal–encrusted interior as large as a football field. In 1994 scientists discovered the caverns and found hundreds of pristine paintings. The spectacular artwork dates back over 30,000 years to a time when neanderthals roamed the earth and cave bears, mammoths, and ice age lions roamed.