How does love last through all the years? | EDITORIAL

A lot can change over the years. Just ask Peter Dutton, who on Saturday said Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had his support, yet challenged the PM for the leadership role three days later.

Arthur and Pat Cheadle.

Arthur and Pat Cheadle.

So you can imagine how much has changed over the 65 years Pat and Arthur Cheadle, pictured, have been married.

But one thing has held strong throughout the years: their undying love for each other.

Pat and Arthur have seen prime ministers come and go, fighting for leadership, but they have worked together to get through their issues.

Maybe that is what our government needs to do. 

According to the couple, the secret to a long and happy marriage is “a bit of luck and always watching each other’s back”.

Pair this with the honesty and care they have shown to each other, then throw in a lot of dancing, and it is their perfect recipe for happiness.

They have had their struggles; they had to move from England to Australia in 1961 due to one of their daughters becoming ill, for example.

But they didn’t see it as a struggle, they saw it as an opportunity. Yes, it was tough. But it meant their daughter accessed some of the climate and treatment she needed.

Plus, Arthur had always wanted to come to Australia. He liked the idea of the warm sun and the size of the land.

The land of opportunity.

When I sat with the couple and asked them about how they have stayed together for so long, they said they simply had to, and that things had changed since they were married.

These days, about one in three marriages end in divorce. Times were different back then, they said.

“When you’re working class, you always struggle, but we worked together,” Arthur said.

“We’ve grown used to each other.”

They raised the point that a lot of “younger ones” who get married often end their divorce before they’ve even given the marriage time to blossom.

Although it is not young, maybe our government needs to take some pointers from Pat and Arthur. Stop, settle, be honest, and care for every single person they are responsible for.

If our country can follow the Cheadles’ marriage rules, then I think it could be a safer, more welcoming, happier place.