Mount Compass beat Victor Harbor in football

SPOIL: Victor Harbor defender Ben Basham gets his fist to the football to prevent Mount Compass big man Stuart Hill from taking a strong mark.
SPOIL: Victor Harbor defender Ben Basham gets his fist to the football to prevent Mount Compass big man Stuart Hill from taking a strong mark.

Victor Harbor were hoping to salvage something from this season when they hosted ladder leaders Mount Compass in brilliant sunshine last Saturday.

It was an ominous start for the home side when big forward, Parsons, kicked the Dogs first goal in the opening minute before Fletcher responded with a quick reply.

Ziggy Vitkunas slotted his first to regain the lead while Victor could only kick points at their end before finishing strongly.

Ross once again showed class with a long shot on goal, but was surpassed by Sam Basham with a clever baulk and unleashing of a boomer from outside 60.

A free kick in the goal square guaranteed a second for Fletcher just before quarter time as Victor took an unexpected two goal lead into the first change.

The joy was short lived for the home side as Compass adapted to the foreign warm, dry conditions and flat playing surface to have the scores back to level within minutes.

Goals came from Pinyon (his first of eight for the day) and tall on baller Veide with a clever crumbing goal.

Alleway found his range after several early misses with two for the term, but the biggest concern for the Roos was a lack of healthy players. They lost Ben Basham, Martin and best player Ross all before half time to give them no rotations for the rest of the day.

As a result Victor Harbor rarely got the ball across half forward as the size and strength of Compass down the spine combined with the run of the Corbetts, Shultz and Green, the visitors piled on another six goals to bust the game open at the long break.

More of the same dominance continued in the third for the visitors, as the big names racked up the possessions with great run and spread capped off with brutally accurate goal kicking – particularly from Pinyon.

Fletcher capitalised on another free and Connors curled through an amazing checkside shot, but they were the only two Victor goals to counter the six from the Dogs.

Victor faced an eight goal deficit at the last change.

The Victor defence remained under siege, but Basham, Bartram, Proud, McKay and Borrillo kept hurling the ball out as best they could before Weetra was assisted from the field.

The final seventeen players from the home team fought the game out, but managed only one goal through another contested mark from Fletcher.

Compass finished the game off strongly with a further five goals, four to Pinyon and one to Hill before enjoying this week off as minor premiers.

A disappointing year again for Victor in an up and down season with surprise wins over teams above them and heartbreaking losses they never should have had but if they can maintain the current list and keep them fit, next year could see a better result.